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MissyG On BMB: Tried To Push Jewelry; Asked About FELONTree! ... Missy Can't Spell Braciole... Missy LIED!! Jewelry Made In CHINA, Not NYC!

MissyGorga was on VH1’s BigMorningBuzz trying to push her junky jewelry yesterday, and as usual, the topic of FELONTeresa was broached by NickLachey.  (Nick is a surprisingly excellent interviewer!)  And, as usual, Missy has those lines about FELONTree memorized… 658 more words


Missy Forced To Talk About Tree As She Tries To Push Her Crappy Jewelry! AND... Asked For ID To Drink?!?

BEFORE getting to Missy…does she really think that she was asked for ID because the bartender thought she was under 21???  Is she that dumb that she doesn’t know about bartenders complimenting age for bigger tips?? 312 more words


THE TOTAL BS HOUSEWIFE STORY OF THE DAY! MissyGorga Makin' Big Bucks For RHONJ Comeback... Says "Mystery" Source!

From the always reliable ROL… and those “mystery” sources!!

“Bravo producers have decided the show must go on while Teresa Giudice sits in jail and her estranged sister-in-law is going to benefit from her lock up: RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Melissa Gorga is going to be earning a cool $750,000 for next season — the same as Giudice did previously! 147 more words


MissyGorga's New Dog... "Saved At The Airport" Bogus Story

MissyGorga’s hairdresser gifted a Pomeranian puppy to Missy.  Missy was very busy tweeting her followers to suggest names for her new puppy… as we told you four days ago. 387 more words