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Review: Snowden or "Nerd becometh Spy"

Today the world knows the name Edward Snowden. I remember driving home from work and listening to the radio as broadcasters recounted the hysteria surrounding this most elusive man that fled the country for fear of federal retribution. 724 more words





Oh, Oliver Stone. You’ve never once strayed from your signature bloated directing style. “Snowden” was pretty much what I expected: an overly long, boring, visually pompous, clumsily constructed, yet well acted retelling of the story of the whistleblowing government employee who, after leaking classified documents regarding a secret NSA mass surveillance program, is accused of espionage. 819 more words

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Flash Movie Review: Snowden

Go ahead call me paranoid, I have been called worse; but I try to do as little as possible any personal business on the internet. When I am forced to purchase an item online and the site asks me if I want to save my charge card information I always decline the offer. 484 more words



Snowden is the latest from classic film director Oliver Stone. Yes, it is kind of a biographical character study of Mr. Snowden. But it is also a thriller of sorts, and a romance, and … a film that poses the questions about whether or not Snowden is a heroic whistle-blower or a traitor. 818 more words


Cinema Dispatch: Snowden

Snowden and all the images you see in this review are owned by Open Road Films

Directed by Oliver Stone

So first we got the… 1,873 more words

Cinema Dispatch

SNOWDEN (2016)

Review by Derrick Carter

Running Time: 2 hours 14 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for Language and some Sexuality/Nudity

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Written by: Kieran Fitzgerald & Oliver Stone… 807 more words