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How veterinarians help pet owners cope when animals are sick or die: one Toronto vet's story

by Melissa LoParco

Most people have a soft spot for animals, whether or not they are directly a part of their lives.

Humans usually tend to have stronger emotions when it comes to looking at injured animals, an example being the singer… 654 more words


Window washers help save Peregrine falcons on Toronto skyscrapers

by Melissa LoParco

Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals in the world, and in Toronto their numbers are decreasing.

This is why foundations such as the Canadian Peregrine Foundation have been formed. 317 more words


24 hour Veterinarian in Toronto: from dogs and cats to tarantulas and rabbits

by Mohammad Arshad

Dr. Jon Mitelman is the first one to admit that his job can be very testing, regardless of how much he loves doing what he does. 580 more words

Arts And Life

What are people reading (part one)

I’m going to be starting up a little series that talks to people about what they are reading, what is next on their book lists, and any movie adaptations they are looking forward to. 8 more words