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Ghostbusters (2016)


WAAAYY back in February of 2015, I wrote a little rant about my ‘childhood classics’ (can read it here) and how I am furious that Hollywood seems not to covet anything. 835 more words

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Movie Review- "Ghostbusters" (2016)

Being a fan of the original “Ghostbusters”, I had a few reservations about this reboot. However, I have no objection to an all-female team. I enjoy Kristen Wiig’s acting. 469 more words

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'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life': Everything you need to know

Netflix is bringing fans back to Stars Hollow on Nov. 25 with the debut of the hotly anticipated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 610 more words


Review: ‘Ghostbusters’

Grade: B

Like anyone, I’m a fan of “Ghostbusters.” I’ve seen it dozens of times since buying a cheap pre-owned copy at a VHS liquidation sale in the mid-’90s, and I always stop to watch a bit of it whenever it’s playing on cable. 726 more words


Film review - Ghostbusters (Paul Feig, 2016)

Coming off the back of the unprecidented success of Bridesmaids, Feig looked to have carved a path as the director of female-led lighthearted comedies, following as he did with The Heat and Spy (both of which were well-received by both audiences and critics).   438 more words


Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! Again.


Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! Again?



2016年的《捉鬼敢死隊》劇情上與前作沒有關係,算是reboot,新故事,新角色,新班底,但沿用了Ray Parker Jr. 經典主題曲Who You Gonna Call?連鬼怪嘜頭形像亦跟足原作。

由Paul Feig執導,都猜到是什麼班底,即是《醉爆伴娘團》、《凸務MADAM》的人班,愛將Melissa McCarthy、Kristen Wiig少不了,還有出身自Saturday Night Live的Kate McKinnon和Leslie Jones,這四人組成的捉鬼敢死隊,環肥燕瘦,每人性格也非常突出,Melissa McCarthy固然是口水多過浪花大肥婆,Kristen Wiig就是老土正經的人版,負責研發器材、金髮亮麗卻是粗魯男人婆Kate McKinnon,最後是實際的黑妹Leslie Jones,再加上外型有如萬人迷但低智商的雷神Chris Hemsworth,類似的組合是Paul Feig一貫把戲,轉作是捉鬼故事,有新鮮感,也沒有前作的女性主義派場,單純是搞搞笑的捉鬼電影。 8 more words

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Female Body Image in Ghostbusters (2016)

There has been a lot of conversation on Twitter and Facebook about the new Ghostbusters. Some good, some bad, some in between. The one thing that I have seen being praised is the way the women in this movie are represented. 326 more words