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Mell ~ In The Name Of Love

let us gaze at each other’s eyes, let us deepen our relationship
unwrapping my feelings with ease
rhythm nation ecstasy in the interior of my heart… 129 more words


Mell ~ Empty

“because pain will someday disappear, do not cry, the time has come”

I think that until I understand that scene was long
I hold down my confusion, taking along both sides as the door cannot be opened… 281 more words


Mell ~ Teleportation Guy

I can do it!

I want you not to lie, swelling up
teleportation guy, living waves
the feeling flash and splash, looking after the scattering… 355 more words


Mell ~ 砂の風 [Suna No Kaze]

in the cold glass
my fingertip slides along
I trace the waned moon
my clinging tears
washed my blood
the frozen blue bird falls down… 165 more words


Mell ~ Kicks!

rather than “I love you”, let me say “I am sorry”
this I noticed before my despair
being piled up and defeated, I pick up my happiness… 250 more words


Mell ~ 砂漠の雪 [Sabaku No Yuki]

my mistake is pardoned, I look up for just a moment
as my heart throbs, my cheeks redden, I forgot about time for just a little… 173 more words


Mell ~ Princess Bloom

dear princess grace
the dress flutters, the flowers bloom and glimmer
I’m princess bloom
encircled in the heart, I am talking with the fragrances

dear princess sea… 104 more words