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This is more obvious to my dog than it was for me.

When I got Mellie, the plan was always for her to do flyball.  That was my main sport.  I wanted to do other stuff – agility! 1,130 more words


Before you know it you’re in post-op. Nurse Quinn took care of me. She was awesome! She gave me crackers and ginger ale and lot’s of drugs! 241 more words

Broken Ankle

Friday Fuckery: A Quick Words With Friends 

That awkward moment when your male friend crushes your dreams of being a bad bitch…

Scandal Episode 413: No More Blood

Scandal Episode 413: No More Blood delivers Olivia from her nightmarish plight, Ole Randy Andy gets what was coming to him and like Lattimore, Daddy Pope announces that… 1,379 more words


'Scandal' Recap: "Do You Want To Be a Babysitter Or a Boss?"

Scandal begins and we’re immediately thrown into chaos at the White House. The Secret Service is advising the President on how to proceed with Olivia’s kidnapping as tensions between the U.S. 523 more words


Scandal Episode 411: "Where's the Black Lady?"

Scandal Episode 411: “Where’s the Black Lady” shows Olivia saving herself from a hellish fate as Fitz, Jake and Huck work to find where she was taken. 1,277 more words


Year's End

It’s technically not. I mean, it’s only the 29th yet. Two days of 2014 left. Can’t say I’ll miss it. I’ve survived it, that’s all, really. 244 more words