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In which I admit I am not too bright

(Note: I have added to this blog since it was originally posted, with some information that I forgot about the first time around.  The new material is mainly after the paragraphs about finding lost frisbees. 1,745 more words

Mellie: A Story of Winners and Losers

Painting by Sawyer

I’m sharing the first chapter to the sequel of Mellie: A Story of Vinyl and Candy. Release date for the new book coming soon! 1,413 more words

Foolish and Dangerous Games

Before the regular episode, Madam Shonda had the ABC network preempt the anchor show of TGIT, “Grey’s Anatomy.” She gave gladiators one of their favorite episodes, “The Trail.” Why was this done? 965 more words


Scandal Season 6 Ep. 2 "Hardball" - Mellie Dramatic Monologue - YouTube

Scandal 6×02 Mellie Fires Olivia after Arguement About Marcus Hardball Season6 Episode 2 You asked me to make you President… Don’t tell me you didn’t once …