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Law of Motion

When experiencing changes, one must remember which basic law applied to the structure, such as below.

A static object with no net force acting on it remains at rest or if in movement it will maintain a constant velocity…

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Let It Be Forever

It’s rare to find Russian song like this. In life, there is always one moment we wish to last forever. Because of that, the title… 43 more words


Unexpected Journey

Some of great experience begin with unrefined plan. There will always be a plan but one realizes that the best plan is to let everything run on its course after one has done one’s part. 245 more words


Blue Cover

Do you still remember the day we first met? Someone said that we met under national event during the banquet. Was it really a banquet? I could only remember a warm, nice cup of coffee and sat in a round table. 224 more words


"Audition, The Fools Who Dream" (melodica audio)

This song from “La La Land” has a lot of rubato, which is my favourite way to play.

I played the piano part first, then found it hard to play the melodica after, because I had to anticipate my own pauses and changes in pace on the piano (and of course with no one to watch as I played). 125 more words