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When I’m weak I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down you breathe life over me…

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Beautiful Creature

Despite what we’ve been through, I know we are beautiful creature in our own ways.



Upgrade Path

Not so sure about choosing different talent path? If you are a gamer, you might have encounter this thing. The same thing goes to electronics, especially PC. 164 more words



While focusing to big picture might set someone on right track and clear objective, something small might miss without careful attention. It’s so small that your eyes might overlook it for something else and yet it holds great and crucial role to the whole machinery. 66 more words


In Terms on Learning Foreign Language

Even having interest and spare time to listen, read, and practice alone for a new foreign language, without talent apparent support, everything seems difficult. From new words, meanings, structures, usage, and pronunciation, things get even otherworldly complicated. 22 more words


Different Configuration

Have you ever wondered why, well of course you do. That’s what you do for living anyway. You develop one prototype and deploy it on your specially configure machine. 155 more words


Georgia On My Mind on melodica

Am so happy with my new melodica, a Hammond Pro-44H. Am working on breathing and phrasing, and treating it as a wind instrument, not a keyboard instrument. 44 more words