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OCG News: Melodious, Hermos Cards

(From Clash of Rebellions)

Melodious Diva Opera
Lv. 4/LIGHT/Fairy-Type/Effect
(1): This card cannot declare an attack the turn it is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. 143 more words


OCG News: More CROS Cards Revealed (Yuzu's Melodious, Tellarknight Xyz)

CROS-JP040: Bloom Diva the Floral Melodious Saint (Rare)

Lv. 6/LIGHT/Fairy-Type/Fusion/Effect
1 “Melodious Maestra” monster + 1 “Melodious” monster
(1): This card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. 354 more words


I was listening to this song

I like the new song ‘Mitti di khusboo’ by Ayushmann khurana. We were having bad luck when we were returning to Kathmandu from Phidim. First, we had postponed our journey by a day because my bro. 317 more words

Melodious Verse A Collection of Poetry and Verse

Melodious Verse is a book of poetry and other writings by me published by Trafford Publishing and is available at Trafford and Amazon. I write short stories and poetry for the love of writing. 70 more words

The Pineapple Thief - Magnolia

The term British prog rock always seems to evoke soft, hypnotic and depressing melodies. And while Magnolia definitely has enough mesmerising melodies to last a life time, The Pineapple Thief throw guitar driven, almost aggressive tracks at you with an equal amount of finesse. 430 more words

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