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*Joe Mettle's Bo N)) Ni (A Real Definition of Music with Virtually EVERYTHING)

*_(Melodious,Sweet-Powerful Lyrics,Harmonious Sequence,Worshipful,Groovy/Danceable,Spirit-filled,Impactful,Global Acceptance & A Mega-Hit )*

And so i guess a 100th time now?…Maybe exaggerating but it tells you of the countless times this Ga titled song fused with English has amplified my speakers…’Bo N)) Ni.’ 2,081 more words



Somedays I am there
ready, smiling, like a
prelude to the onset of a
melodious symphony,
every chord of me knows it
feels the rhythm of it. 45 more words

Me & My Art

Beaming Blues & Melodious Laughter - The Curtis Family's Maui Portraits

When you see the Maui Family Portrait of the Colorado Curtis Family, there’s no question that they were having a blast together. The bright smiles and bursts of laughter are as clear as the ocean lapping at their feet. 121 more words

Music is a Melodious tune that connects Life

Have you heard of some Musical Magic? Yes it exists within my heart through various tunes and melodies.

To describe further, what does Music mean to me? 86 more words

Facing the Music

Hi guys!

My finals finished last week and i’m on a break these days. Just like always i’m planning to write down a couple of posts and put them on queue for later but there’s no inspiration striking me right now. 476 more words



via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Rhythmic music and rhythmic dance,

Oh ! what a nice sight to glance.

Rhythmic wind and rhythmic breeze,

Rhythmic sound of swaying leaves. 54 more words

Daily Prompt

America The Crucible

It’s been a tough two weeks. An anthem to sum it up.

Sing this to the tune of America The Beautiful:

O crucible of┬ábaseless lies… 129 more words