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2017 Fertilizer Recipes & Rates

As I have this all scribbled on an 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper that I have been folding and carrying around with me and constantly misplacing, I am putting this info here for posterity. 517 more words


Cantaloupes and juicy watermelons are in the ground. I was too worn out to get photos at the end of the day, so I’ll add those soon. Here’s hoping they prosper.


Horned melons?! 

Came across these weird looking gourds in the supermarket the other day. They were labeled as kiwanos. A kind of cucumber/melon hybrid. Also known as horned melons.


Love, Specifically

“I love you” is so passé.

Tell me

I smell like melons

In the summer and pine

In the winter.

Point to the mole

In my little toe and whisper… 77 more words

Daily Prompts

Carrier Connection: The Cantaloupe Conundrum

The Cantaloupe Conundrum

Freight markets share the same supply and demand oscillation as any basic example in entry level economics. Supply and demand dictate the massive price swings that subvert dry market pricing during produce season and create new lane opportunities in tandem with the need to reevaluate existing ones. 304 more words

Allen Lund Company


Yesterday was the first day that really felt like spring.  There have been several warm-ish days recently, but most of them were really gloomy and overcast, or even raining.  523 more words



A cigarette

leaves a funny taste in my mouth

especially when

cold air

touches my teeth

and I assume

someone is following me

A righteous pile of… 48 more words