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May 18 Mini Meal 3

Cantaloupe with the zest and juice of a small lime and toasted sesame seeds

Lime brings out the flavor of cantaloupe like crazy, especially of all those poor sad ones that have been harvested way before they’re ripe and put in cold storage. 7 more words


Absolutely splendid

I spent a solid 8 hours in the garden today (only a ten minute break for some peanut butter) clearing the detritus from last year and planting 5 kinds of tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, melons, squash, 2 kinds of kale, and arugula that we grew from seed since mid-March. 231 more words


What Would be refreshing

Hmmm, what would hit the spot while I sit out here watching the clouds float by, watching the stars fade into the blue skies, listening to the donkey bray, children in the vegetable gardens helping their parents work, ahhh yes, some melons, now that go hit that spot.

Pics With Verse


To the passing thief

how enticing the melons

cooling in the stream!




Carpe Diem #729 growing melons

 the heavy melons

on the tender vines

waiting to be picked


Carpe Diem: Melons

Done for Carpe Diem.



a mother gathers

her unsold melons


counting melons

at sundown

rumbling stomach

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13/05/15… 17 more words

Mr. Fratto Turned into a Marshmallow

What can I say?  Life as a marshmallow is complex and sometimes bewildering.  Like a melon, a marshmallow, or a flower.

Childrens Art