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Starbucks Japan, Cantaloupe Melon Frappuccino

With the sakura season over in Japan, the next Frappuccino they released in Japan was the Cantaloupe Melon & Cream Frappuccino. 47 more words

Rain! What a relief! And a summer summary

Finally the weeks and weeks of drought (except for one sprinkle about a week ago) have ended, and we got a good few inches of rain—a real pour bracketed by showers the evening before and the next morning. 1,106 more words


Beeton, Seeds & Show

Before visiting my local flower show I pay a visit to the graveside of author Mrs Isabella Beeton. Back at the allotment the task of sowing seeds and transplanting peppers continue; plus sweetcorn, leeks, melons and cucumbers.

Kitchen Garden

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley. Since I cannot write an article that consists purely of squeals and a series of random letters and numbers while I bash my keyboard out of excitement about that game, I will do my best to express my feelings in grown-up words. 652 more words


Some remarks about nutrition

Vegetarianism without spiritual striving leads to disease. It’s not a matter of back to nature but of through nature to the spirit.┬áIt’s true that meditation and concentration exercises will be the main thing for our spiritual striving, but when the elaboration of the astral body begins, the food that an esoteric eats will be of some importance. 223 more words


Fotoclick Friday #5

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Melons also known as Keerni pazham in thamizh! The fragrance of a ripe yellow melon is the best you can smell on a summer morning!

Keerthi Priya

Transporting Melons in Turkey

Though seemingly an innocuous image of a man dressed in white, transporting vibrant yellow melons in his white truck, with red cloth draped over and backed by verdant plants, as I captured this photograph my thoughts instantly leapt to another situation that was being played out at this very moment on the other side of the country. 140 more words