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Losing hope

I was very proud at the idea of producing melons and water melons in Wales. I started my seedlings in April. Once they were with 4 leaves  (around mid May) I planted them on the soil in the polytunnel. 112 more words


I've lost control of my garden

I spend all of my free time in the garden. I go out to do a quick job and come back 2 hours later not knowing where the time has gone and I still can’t keep up with the work that needs to be done in the garden. 431 more words


Postcard from summer...

yellow water melon – honeydew – mystery squash

will they be as tasty as they are beautiful???


Food Tip Friday - Energy Packed Foods

I know, sometimes that midday crash is inevitable, no matter how rested or well-fed you are. It’s especially prominent in the summer, when the heat and humidity, plus the go-go-go-ness can totally deplete your energy levels. 231 more words


Hot outside? Melons don't mind.

Keeping your veggies from getting stressed in this heat is a real challenge. Fighting wilt by watering during the hottest part of the day may be your only option.  201 more words


My Rack Brings All the Waffles to the Yard

There are a few things that make me an angry woman. One is my ginormous boobs. It’s not a few… it’s one. Because of my knockers, I don’t have one clean shirt. 368 more words