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Sometimes you don't find the answers until you get lost...

In a perfect world this might be the end of my story. The idea being, that with the help of Humira, my body returned to a state of remission and I was slowly weaned off all the drug therapies and lived ‘happily ever after’. 622 more words


...and then the light flickered.

I woke up the next morning!

This might sound like no big deal, but I was a little shocked when I realized that I had slept through the night! 464 more words


The Splint Comes Off

It has been four weeks since Phoebe had surgery.  It was time for the splint to come off (she has broken two in a row, neither lasting more than few days). 187 more words


a menagerie of little freaks || Hazards of the drug Meloxicam for cats

Why hello!

*flings stage curtains open flamboyantly & confetti starts raining down*

*breathy voice*Yes.. yes.. people.. people.. i am still here, not dead yet, unfortunately for some of us.. 1,279 more words

Sleeping Beauty: AARP Version

Last week at this time, the main topic of conversation at Casa del Wendell was Mrs. Left’s ongoing struggles with chronic severe refractory insomnia.  As of last Friday, she’d gotten probably less than half a dozen hours of sleep in total for the entire previous week.   1,135 more words

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A Late Night...

I just looked at the clock and realized that it was almost 11:30PM and I hadn’t even thought about a blog for tonight. I’m crazed doing work for a baby food client and if I never see a jar of baby food again it will be fine by me. 466 more words

Autoimmune Life

Lessons on love and loss

It’s been more than just a long time since I’ve blogged here and I must apologize. When I began this blog, I promised myself that I would make a go of this blog for at least a year and, wouldn’t you know it, after I few months, I dropped the ball. 1,165 more words