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5:17 P.M. Former Black Panther Chairman: 'Hand Over the State of Florida'

Malik Shabazz , former chairman of the New Black Panther Party and president of Black Lawyers for Justice , called on President Trump to provide reparations for slavery or designate territory solely for African-Americans … 219 more words

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Part II ; Here's where Shabazz displays the REAL problem ...

Shabazz , who organized the rally , slammed Trump for calling an NFL player who kneels during the national anthem a ‘ son of a bitch ‘… … 318 more words

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“American Girl” company doll with German clothes

It seems like people who’ve given up on their own American culture have tried to break ties with the US and say to Americans they are more European than everyone else.  20 more words

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4:51 P.M. Man , 41 , charged in Brampton double shooting ...

When I read the types of news articles I always correctly assume what I find further down in the story … 19 times out of 20 the name shows where the mindset is from … 86 more words

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3:08 P.M. What's wrong with this picture ?!!! ...

Unfortunately Jolly Olde has been going down the toilet more rapidly than Canada here … I thought here was the worst country for it , since it was Junior’s old man’s unfathomably bullshit idea about a ‘ melting pot ‘ country that really started our descent down the bowl … But I see now England had a head start on us obviously … 372 more words

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3:40 P.M. New York police fatally shoot black man pointing metal pipe ...

Investigators work the scene where police officers shot and killed a man in the New York borough of Brooklyn, Wednesday, while responding to reports of a man threatening people with a gun. 420 more words

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The Dreamers

Are we really the home of the free?

America has been called a “Nation of Immigrants”. We were founded on the principle that people come here in search of a better life. 434 more words

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