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BBC Admits the Melting Pot is a BIG LIE

Fake News welfare channel, the BBC, admitted that Muslims in the Netherlands are not assimilating. Even better, they have absolutely no clue how to assimilate because finding Dutch culture in Holland is like finding a needle in a haystack of hundreds of cultures. 314 more words

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Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

In the last letter of mine, I talked about relativism. I gave it an overall negative connotation, but relativism needn’t be negative. Depending on certain perspectives, relativism can even turn out to be a medicine against prejudice. 383 more words

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Another trip to the museum and The Melting Pot

Yesterday, in between fixing up the catio some more, we went to the Nature and Science Museum and The Melting Pot! We’re doing all the fun things. 498 more words


Escape to No Man's Land

While we were all laughing at former President George W. Bush’s dalliances with his rain poncho during the inauguration of the 45th president, Bush was one step ahead of all of us, as usual. 210 more words


Soon the Left will Deny Sweden Even Exists

I have a feeling Leftists will start denying that Sweden ever existed in a bid to cover up the ongoing social disaster happening there. If anyone pays attention to the riots, sexual assaults, and no-go-zones, you might get the sense that the migration “Melting Pot” is not only a myth, but an unmitigated failure.  399 more words

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Jester's 2017 Oscar Predictions

Best Picture: You can tell the Academy are missing Obama. After hosting a white-only Oscars last year, they channeled their inner BET awards, by nominating three films that center around black protagonists for best picture. 289 more words

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Rump: The Art of the Veal

Hi Donald Trump here, and I’m selling you my knew book, Rump: The Art of the Veal, the greatest ever newest cookbook for all you’re veal cooking needs. 433 more words