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Virgin Snow Now Black (Haiku)

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Virgin snow now black

Whore to man’s road salt and grime

The gutter its grave


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Snow Dragon - Portable Snow Melter

While some of the country struggles with drought other parts are having a hard time dealing with where exactly to put snow after it is cleared. 229 more words


Re-naming the Season - for the sake of Optimism

It’s popped up a few times in recent conversations:  “It’s been a dreadful, difficult winter”  …and in response to these statements, I politely disagree.

I attribute this to my mood, and because I’m in the Springtime Mindset already.   313 more words


Melting snow on the ledge

I found a train of droplets on a ledge, sparkling brilliantly in the sun. It was around noon. There was heavy snowfall outside, but the sun was melting snow at the same time.



We got so warm yesterday that the snow went mushy and the ice started melting. It will be a short respite, but we take it when we can. 204 more words