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A Nice Day for a Hula Hoop in Kent

It is late February and the temperatures are warm for a change. Much of the snow has melted and maybe there is even a hint of spring in the air. 87 more words


Global Warming

‘Watermelon Snow’: Possibly The Major Cause Behind Alarming Glaciers Melting

In the last three years, glaciers in the Arctic region have been melting at an alarming rate. 334 more words


Greenland’s Traditions Being Swept Away By Melting Ice

by Maya Gutierrez

The Inuit—the native inhabitants of Greenland’s northern coastal settlements—have for centuries depended on the ebb and flow of sea ice for sustenance, but with climate change contracting the winter season they find their food sources and their way of life under threat. 504 more words

Climate Change


Lots of snow came last night and early this morning! April 19th. Well, sometimes we’ve had snow on May 1st, so it’s not very unusual. But everyone thought the winter was gone for this time and many people already changed to summer tires on their cars. 243 more words

“To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

I saw the sun this morning. The day was lovely for about a half an hour. The sky was so blue it didn’t look real. It looked painted, a combination of blues, maybe even by Van Gogh. 407 more words