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Throwback Trailer: Ghost Story (1981)

Every year, four affluent old friends — Ricky Hawthorne (Fred Astaire), Sears James (John Houseman), Dr. John Jaffrey (Melvyn Douglas) and Edward Wanderley (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) — meet to tell ghost stories. 51 more words

Throwback Trailer

Review: "The Vampire Bat" (1933)

“These are the TALONS of The Vampire Bat!” They might as well have named this film How To Make a Cheap Knock-Off of Dracula Without Really Trying… 336 more words


The Old Dark House (1932) - reviewed by George

This film stars Boris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas, and Charles Laughton, with support from Raymond Massey and Gloria Stuart. It was based on a novel by J.B. 328 more words


Movies: Being There

I recently had the pleasure of re-watching the 1979 Hal Ashby classic, Being There. It stars an aging Peter Sellers and was the last film of his released during his lifetime. 1,596 more words


Favorite things about... Ninotchka (1939)

The favorite film:
Ninotchka, a 1939 comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch for MGM

The synopsis:
Ninotchka is a stern Soviet agent, fully dedicated to her country and her work. 619 more words


Advance to the Rear: An Irresistible Band of Misfits

In 1964, director George Marshall made a light-hearted western comedy, entitled Advance to the Rear, which was severely judged upon release. Deservedly? Well, if a comic movie manages to make you laugh throughout the entire running time, it can be said to have achieved its aim… Beware of spoilers in this review, for surprise is the key to enjoy a comedy! 2,042 more words


The Old Dark House (1932)

An eerie, bizarre, outlandish motion picture, The Old Dark House is an example of how common tropes can still add up to a legitimately entertaining yarn. 712 more words