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DfE Official Confirms Minister's Commitment to Changing the Code

In email correspondence with the Summer Born Campaign group member Gemma Adams, an official from the DfE’s School Organisation and Admissions Division has said: 105 more words

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Why MPs SHOULD get the payrise

News has come out that MPs are set to receive a 10% pay rise; taking their annual salary from £67,000 to £74,000. Since the news, I have seen countless articles/tweets/pictures circling the Internet in strong opposition of the pay rise. 644 more words

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Minister Nick Gibb Confirms 'Missed Year' Concerns in BBC South Today Interview

Callum Gafford is yet another summer born child who faces losing a year of his education as penalty for starting school at CSAge, and his mother Natalie was interviewed by reporter Sean Killick on… 683 more words

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Good Governance 20 - Confusion between Executive and Legislature

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with regard to Good Governance is the confusion in Sri Lanka between the Executive and the Legislature. Such confusion is to some extent unavoidable in countries which have a Westminster system of government, where the heads of the Executive are drawn from Parliament. 1,121 more words


Punch and Judy Pay

So its official, IPSA have finalised the 10% pay rise for MPs. In a politically toxic environment of austerity where public sector pay rises are capped at 1%, this has obviously provoked much ire. 838 more words

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Let's face it - politicians aren't normal

As an increase in MP’s pay is announced in the UK, it seems a good moment to reflect on the pointlessness of making comparisons between politicians and the rest of us. 1,097 more words