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Script for OpenCV installation on Ubuntu 12.10

Installing OpenCV on Ubuntu was painful for me in the past. There are lots of dependencies to be sorted out first and there’s no comprehensive installation tutorial shipped with the OpenCV distribution. 227 more words

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CVX Annouced Version 2 (beta)

CVX has become an indispensable tool for modeling and prototyping in various scientific disciplines, in particular where optimization play significant roles.  It provides a most intuitive modeling interface that bridges complex formulation and the underlying numerical solvers, saving the user abundant time for thinking. 170 more words

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A Tight Lower Bound for Finite Sum of Arctangents

Days ago we ran into a need to lower bound .

One possibility is observe the non-negativity and continuity of the function over and apply an integral lower bound: 204 more words

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CV Meeting -- Frontiers in computer vision

Prof. Alan Yuille (UCLA) in parter with others is organizing a special workshop for exploring frontiers in vision, a good chance for researchers to pause a while and look backward and forward. 112 more words

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CVPR11–Tutorial on Activity Analysis; Dataset Biases

There’s a review of the frontiers of human activity analysis in this tutorial at the ongoing CVPR conference. Though it’s obvious the presenters have purposeful selected the highlighted to their own taste, I do like their smart way of dividing existing research efforts into Single-layered and Hierarchical approaches (as shown in the figure below borrowed from their slides), in accordance with the inherent hierarchy associated with human activities (postures –> actions –> interactions –> activities according to them). 287 more words

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LaTeX to Blogger powered by MathJax (Experimental)

The past weekend I was trying to figure out how to convert source to Blogger compatible sources with the support of the powerful MathJax mechanism to display math. 300 more words

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Image Transformations Done Right in Matlab

Though simple and basic, spatial (geometric) transformations in image processing involve lots of subtleties – neglecting these will probably return you awkward results. These subtleties include but are not limited to (esp. 73 more words

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