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김종관, 「더 테이블」


식상하고 단조로운 문장. 김혜옥의 읊조림이 그 절정. 배우들, 이들의 시선, 눈빛, 표정, 어조 모두 이 각본에게는 과분하다.




For my missing sock; the remaining one will never forget you.

To the monster in the attic who always made me run to the bathroom. 37 more words


Leaked memo fuels accusations of ethnic bias in Afghan government

KABUL (Reuters) – A leaked memo from an staff member in Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s office this week has set off a storm of criticism and accusations that the note lays bare systematic favoritism to Ghani’s own Pashtun ethnic group.


① memo 20170920 ~ Moonrise ~ Moonrise earlier this month over the Mediterranean sea in Greece


Swim to the Sun

① memo 20170919 ~ Swim to the Sun ~ Swim at Sunrise in the Aegean sea at the Pelion coast of Greece some days ago


David Brooks on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and alterantive model

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs moves from the collective to the relational and, at its peak, to the individual.  [When Life Asks for Everything] …

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