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Under the Birch Tree-Broken Circle

On the weekends, sitting in the den was not required before dinner like weekdays. Before dinner during the week, Timmy and I were required to remain seated until Dad got home from work, went to the bathroom to wash up, replacing a lingering work smell with the odor of a very dry vodka martini and a lit Tareyton cigarette. 476 more words


I'll have a "MAC memoir"

Okay, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not talking about a manuscript and some rabbit food on a sesame seed bun. What I’m referring to are the basic building blocks of any good story, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. 659 more words


Entertaining ourselves in the 1950s and early 1960s (2)



One of the things we did a lot of as children was making things. Our parents had little money to spare, and if we wanted toys, we often had to create them ourselves. 964 more words


Sleep, as the Saying Goes

Among my grandmother’s extensive storehouse of knowledge was a veritable stock of epigrammatic “sayings” that she could access at will for the edification of dumb little children who happened to be visiting her.  842 more words


back in the day: TPOS prompt: tattoo

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Back in the day
taboo to see tattoos
covered with bandage
faded design from her youth
she couldn’t understand
for Eileen, red headed angel… 14 more words


99 Word Flash fiction: Offerings

Acculturation happens in subtle ways. As a westerner with facilities most of us take for granted we can afford the luxury of being horrified at the eating of certain animals.  291 more words

Irene Waters

Only A Dream Away

On Thursday, March 26th, I went to see my mother twenty-eight years after her death. It wasn’t until after I woke from the dream that I realized her hair was yellow. 676 more words