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# 1672 Thinking of Mimi on her birthdate

Thinking of Mimi on her birthdate
Daffodils are being sold
A sign of spring reminds me
of Mimi so full of joy… 49 more words


# 1670 small stones prompt: windows


Window to the past
Today my son called to tell me he was reading a new book about
Robin Emery who had been a teacher of his. 142 more words


I've Missed You!

I miss you. It’s been months since I’ve written here, by far the longest silent stretch since I started Writing with Spirit six-plus years ago. I can’t explain it, it just is what it is. 725 more words

The Spiritual Life


I’m looking at old posts and eliminating those that just don’t have any reason to hang around, taking up space and not being read. But this one? 738 more words


The Forever Song

Far beyond me

deep inside me

glimmers, shimmers, shines a song —

a silent song that sings of love.

It comes from far away,

from the place where hope begins. 306 more words


Researching Bermuda

In the glory days of college I spent a semester in Bermuda. Fifteen of us, along with our lead professor – with cameo appearances from two other professors – lived and studied in what was then the Bermuda Biological Station for Research . 590 more words


The Supremes weigh in on copyright -- Part 2

God must really love bureaucrats, or there wouldn’t be so many of them. I just wish we could rely on a higher power for a little help when we have to deal with them. 562 more words