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What’s all that racket?

I’m trying to take a nap.

Mom says the floor is being installed today and that’s why there is so much hammering and sawing of wood. 31 more words


Tuned In

Long, long ago in a land three hours away from here, a young lady or teenage girl (depending on your point of view) got to work in a radio station. 775 more words


The next room to be de-pinked. #Redecorating #Home

The guest room. It’s very pink. It’s got dark pink for the window trim, and the famous 90’s paint style “sponging”. It’s hideous. It’s gotta go. 90 more words


Cool Rocks

I never got the idea of “jewels.” What made the diamond on my mother’s finger more beautiful or valuable than any other rock? Even when it was explained to me, it made no sense. 288 more words


A Glass Half-Full

Yesterday while visiting my mom at her rehab facility, I went down to inquire if she had therapy today. The therapist had to get his computer to check. 426 more words


36 years ago I went to China. It wasn’t the place it is now. Today I’ve had the chance to wander down memory lane through my blog posts with a blogging pal who’s in China now with his family. 216 more words


The first time I heard #BohemianRhapsody

..was under the covers in my bed late at night on an AM/FM radio with an ear plug. That’s right, earplug singular. In ye olden days we had only one earplug. 642 more words