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Two Tales of a City Pt. 10


Our final stop of the day was uptown for dinner at the Empire State Building. There was a buzz on the bus as we headed up 6th Avenue. 840 more words


Two Tales of a City- Pt. 9


Our next stop for the day was Wall Street. The Dwenger group was divided between two ferries from Ellis Island back to Battery Park. The girls and I were on the first ferry so we had time to watch some of the street performers entertaining the masses in the park. 934 more words


Higher Math

for Roger

If topoi means the place, and logos means the study,
then topology means the thing you studied,
the evidence of which was, among other things… 259 more words


Knit, Sip, Sip, Knit (KSSK)

A couple East Bay friend’s of ours invited us out for a day of wine tasting on Sunday. The drive to and from Calistoga was beautiful and wonderfully green as a result of the rain storms we’ve been getting lately. 522 more words



Taking the Long Way Home

Class Reunion

Since we know where we are going so well,
let’s take the longest route there,
out past England’s Hill and that dip in the road we kids called lover’s leap. 89 more words

Daily Post

Pain on a Scale

While in Pre-Op awaiting surgery on my neck I had plenty of time to contemplate my cubical’s one wall decoration, a pain chart with a row of numbers for adults and a row of circle faces for children.   932 more words



I saw a young woman sobbing as she was leaving an apartment building this morning.

Her makeup was smeared and her cocktail dress was rumpled. 16 more words

New York