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# 1558 .. CSP prompt: perfumed

scent of violets
sachet from lingerie drawer
the fragrance lingers
remembering Gram
in the air ~ her essence
CSP prompt: perfumed
photo: www. violet by basenotes



This picture of my husband and I standing in front of the Bloomington Reformed Church the year he was ordained shows a considerable change in clothing people wore to church. 118 more words

Another Brick in the Wall?

Years ago, I attempted to become a teacher. I thought “How hard could it be?”

It proved to be the most stressful year of my life. 992 more words


The Divine Feminine

My type of feminine energy has been ‘out of fashion’ since the 1980s when women

started going to the gym. Okay, before that. Okay, maybe it was never in fashion. 275 more words


Check out this Bible artwork! 

While writing my blog yesterday, I was researching some Google images to go along with my Bible stories. I came across some beautiful drawings!

Click here… 6 more words


Meddlesome Voices


I know a few folks for whom meddling in other’s lives is a full-time endeavor. They are certain that they know best, and they become frustrated or angry when their targets don’t follow their wise guidance on everything from the best butter substitute to a choice of careers to what one’s relationship with the Divine should look like. 679 more words

Occasional Essays

Movie Night in a pre-Netflix world

An empty wooden bowl stained a dark brown collects dust on the shelf amidst other useless trinkets and knick-knacks in the name of décor. I looked at the bowl without really seeing it for years when suddenly the bowl is overflowing with the colors and smells of a twenty year old memory. 312 more words