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The Perfect Weekend

“The Perfect Performance”

Just four months ago our team faced the epitome of a marching season debacle. Now here we are seven hours away from home in Union City. 677 more words


Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming is only the second book I’ve read by Jacqueline Woodson. (The first, her spectacular picture book Show Way, is about seven generations of the women of an African-American family, from slavery through civil rights, and the instructions they pass on through a family quilt.) This book, told entirely in verse, is Woodson’s autobiography, from her birth to the time she’s about twelve. 569 more words



Shawna had evidently been spending more and more time on our facility the last couple months, so it was within the hour that I was called into her office with no reasonable defense for my actions other than a childish outburst I had coming. 1,014 more words

Like Anaïs Nin, I lie when I write the truth


The Monday morning starts with desire—the desire to write, and the desire to write a journal-diary type post that my fingers tease and type on a computer screen instead of scribbling long-hand with a fountain pen that’s a gift from someone I love in a notebook that’s also a gift from him. 1,350 more words

Those Conversations

Read Excerpt From Bruce Dickinson's (Iron Maiden) Memoir “What Does This Button Do?”

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) will officially release his memoir “What Does This Button Do?” on October 19, and now an official excerpt has been shared. In this section of the book, the singer discusses struggling with his voice while performeing with Samson, and getting the offer to join Iron Maiden. 872 more words


In My Hands Today...

Late for Tea at the Deer Palace: The Lost Dreams of My Iraqi Family – Tamara Chalabi

The Chalabis are one of the oldest and most prominent families in Iraq. 178 more words


Café Date

Sugared flavor.

09.22.17 – Frothed

You were a crema dream, the soft color of a farewell taste just lazily gathering at the top of my mind. 325 more words

No Beat