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The long awaited, anticipated, and multiple other -ted’s…Chapter 10 of my Memoir, The Underage Traveler. Jeez, this one was like giving birth.

“Like you’d know!” my wife would accuse. 12 more words


i never had it made

I had all these plans to write and publish blog posts over the holiday weekend (and after work this week) but couldn’t bear to be on the computer. 565 more words


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden


Oh Man.

I have watched the movie Memoirs of a Geisha countless times. Though casting was surrounded by controversy, no one could deny the cinematic beauty and attention to detail. 350 more words

Book Review

Mystic Princess

Rachel lay curled up in bed clutching a weathered yellow afghan that must to her signify comfort, security and warmth.  Her left thumb is perched instinctively inside the corner of her mouth, as if one slight oral fixation might for a moment wash away all the worldly cares and fears seven and a half years of life had given her.   375 more words


Orange Is Everything

By Sarah Barning

It seems like all people are talking about nowadays are the hottest shows on Netflix. There has been a lot of buzz about the upcoming season of… 309 more words


A Name to Remember

He had been dead for ninety-four years. Ninety-four years since his casket was lowered into this ground, ninety-four years since the first time somebody turned their back on the gravestone and walked away back to the world of the living. 1,778 more words


The Dead Were Mine by Charles W. Honaker

Bill Honaker begins his Vietnam War memoir by telling us what he is not going to tell: “I have deliberately left out some of the events I experienced,” he says, “in part because I could not capture in words what I saw in my mind’s eye and translate into an acceptable fashion, and partly because some things were just too gruesome to try to explain.” Regardless of the self-censoring, the information Honaker  imparts in… 330 more words