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The Wave

Dipping their toes in, letting the waves go over their toes, jumping over the nursery waves and then lying on their tummies in the shallows as the waves almost, then do reach them, filling their costumes up with sand. 163 more words

Creative Writing

The Last Act of Love – Cathy Rentzenbrink

Growing up in Yorkshire, brother and sister Matty and Cathy are ordinary teenagers living in a pub with their parents. Their family is close, loving, and funny. 162 more words

Non Fiction

Dump Truck

Cumbersome and heavyweight,
determination driving,
I roll with a shudder,
ignoring limitations,
promising caution,
pretending control.

Road blocks, detours,
and bustle –
everywhere bustle!
Unavoidable confusion. 90 more words


Right through the indulgent parts

I get behind a guy in the Costco parking lot who’s got a buck with gnarled antlers next to a sticker of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on the name Obama, and next to that, it’s a take-off on the family car decals but a row of rifles that says My Family, all caps. 567 more words


Day 4 - Desert Island Memories Prompt

Hello everyone!

Recently I have been constructing a memoir though blogging vignettes, little pockets of memories that I carry around with me. It has reminded me of the quantum physics debate on worm holes and entanglement… 435 more words



I have been home bound a few different times in my life, but Right now I have been homebound since May, 2011 after having a cluster of strokes. 222 more words


Letters from My Father's Murderer - A Journey in Forgiveness - A Book Review

Letters from My Father’s Murderer – A Journey in Forgiveness

By Laurie A. Coombs

Kregel Publications, 2450 Oak Industrial Dr. N. E., Grand Rapids, MI 49505… 348 more words

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