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Boomerang: An Origin Story

This post may be triggering to some.


My friend, the late true crime writer Michelle McNamara, inspired me to finally tell this story in full. 3,808 more words

Michelle McNamara

'When I'm 64' book project for 2016 - 2017

Today is the final day of last year’s birthday activities.

A few months ago, sidewalk poet in Fort Collins typed up a few lines for me that inspired the “When I’m 64” book project that begins tomorrow. 352 more words


Burning House

If your house was on fire what things would you take with you? This was a question we were asked in my creative writing class, and here is my answer. 105 more words


A book borrowed from my elder daughter.

This was a book I had been interested to read for quite some time as there had been so many comments on Twitter about how amazing the book was and how it was time that someone had been truthful in what women really want in life. 57 more words


Book Review: Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight

Alexandra Fuller’s first memoir covers her childhood in Africa, including stints at boarding schools far from her parents, ending with her marriage to an American who brought her out of Africa and into another land. 352 more words

Book Review

How to Become Number One: The Breakfast of Champions

The Breakfast of Champions

Almost anyone in the United States can become a number one ranked national athlete because The United States has developed age related groupings in virtually every athletic competition. 559 more words


My Girls

The dichotomy between my two daughters is, to me, an endless source of both curiosity and amusement. How two people from the same parents, with more or less the same upbringing, can be so fundamentally different in makeup is a constant marvel. 615 more words