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Thoughts about my Father

My late father Prof. V A Mathen Bose was a macho. I was terrified of his thundering voice, his caning. He was a paradox of being a Christian, a Marxist and a Capitalist. 71 more words


A tryst with Egyptian Ankh

Ankh is a famous Egyptian Hieroglyph signifying fertility. I have had an esoteric experience of encountering the Ankh through the collective unconscious of Jung. In my writing f the small letter, I happened to be writing the symbol of Ankh unconsciously. 47 more words


Bookends: Bruce Cockburn’s still kicking at the darkness

Bookends: Bruce Cockburn’s still kicking at the darkness

By Dan Davidson

January 21, 2015

– 904 words –


Rumours Of Glory: a Memoir

By Bruce Cockburn… 899 more words


Rising from Ashes: Not the Movie - Me!

In the unlikely event that anyone is still following my blog, I am resurfacing after nearly a year of hibernation. “WTF!!!” you may be thinking. “We figured that you must have died.”  Not quite. 507 more words


Review: I Hate Pinatas by Heather Maloy


Surviving Life’s Unexpected Surprises

A Memoir



Heather Maloy

If you’re sensitive to crude humor or language, power through the introduction of this memoir. 172 more words

Book Reviews

Desert Animals: Scent Memory, Place, and Nostalgia

Tonight, there’s an edge to the evening chill. I find that I miss New Mexico most intensely in the autumn. It’s a season marked by fierce clarity of color and texture. 250 more words

Life As It Stands

'The Exorcist,' My Father and Me

So often, we hear stories of people who get help just in time. They hit rock bottom and manage to climb back up. At Electric Literature, Adam Sturtevant has written… 238 more words


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I just read a beautiful mixture of abnormal feelings from this piece. Reminds me of the days I cater to my sick grandma to the point of 'relief' when she departed. It is not as horrible as you think, but the continuous pain and illness that is seeping in that house drained me and my family. Wanting it to end, but not by your hands. Be it God or any natural events that comes to your mind, remember that their soul lingers and it demands presence.