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To a Waterfowl "In the Garden" Verse 8 - "From Zone to Zone"

Note:   The memoir, In the Garden, portrays the author’s mother, Ellen, an ordinary woman, who became extraordinary by surrendering her will and ego to the will of God. 2,609 more words


Two Uncles, an Outlaw, and a Disease

Imagine two dead uncles, an outlaw, an incurable genetic disease, and the threads that bind them together.

The story of Uncle One.  Uncle Ross was everyone’s favorite.   1,628 more words


Clones and starship captains: New books for sci fi lovers

If you had a chance to have a new body, would you take it? To have your memories transferred to a body cloned from your cells and given growth hormones to age the new body from infancy to your current age? 681 more words

Science Fiction

Book Review #102- Only as Good as Your Word by Susan Shapiro

Okay guys, I can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned from this book, the inspiration, and how much I loved reading this book!

Rate from 1-10: 296 more words



it’s time to write, it’s time to write for you. Those flowers I sent, I meant them only for you, it’s time to write, it’s time to write to you… 15 more words


A Book Offer by Ron Steinman

I am offering free for a limited time a download of my latest work, “Survival Manual: A Memoir of Near Death, Illness and Survival.” Available from “Smashwords.com,” It is about the rigors of a life in broadcasting as a journalist, a writer, producer, bureau chief, husband and father. 8 more words


Point of Impact

My mom used bleach to remove the blood from my sneakers, dabbing carefully at the red blotches that marred light green fabric. While she worked, I skimmed through the directions on a tube of scar cream that would gently fade the redness that marred my skin. 606 more words