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How to Grow Up by Michelle Tea

What does it mean to “grow up”? For millennials, this question is particularly loaded. The reverberations of the 2008 financial crisis has delayed many of the traditional markers of adulthood—financial independence, home ownership, marriage, and children—rendering the notion of “growing up” more nebulous than ever. 599 more words


Cheers to You!

Hooray! It is with jubilant gratitude and excitement that I deliver the news that Tick Talk has sustained 100 followers! How riveting it is to know triple digit eyes are traversing my words, incorporating my experiences into your day. 130 more words

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is the day I emerge from behind the scenes and bring my writing into the light of day. For years I have dreamed of becoming a “real” writer.   141 more words

Wooden't it be nice?

Our story so far: Activity began to accelerate, as evidenced by the volume of building materials accumulating inside the old Methodist church.

# # # 175 more words

Lunch Hour Walk

I took a walk during my lunch hour today. A murder of crows swooped menacingly at me as I crossed the asphalt parking lot. Then I noticed a dying crow on the cracked pavement, flapping one wing piteously. 102 more words


Blood, Bones & Butter a memoir that grabs you and won't let go

As most of you may know by now, I am memoir crazy.  Anything that is written about someone’s real life story I find irresistible.  This week I was lucky enough to find the memoir titled, … 361 more words

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The Vietnam War: An Untold Story of Drugs by William E. Campbell

In June 1971 President Richard Nixon declared war on drug addicts and traffickers. One tactic of the war—Operation Gold Flow—decreed that troops leaving Vietnam and returning permanently to the United States would be subject to urinalysis. 431 more words