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I ran many nights in Virginia, but on this night I ran the hardest.....

I was upstairs. I could hear them yelling. They were downstairs in the room directly under me.

They were fighting about me. He deliberately yelled louder; he wanted me to hear every word that seethed out of his mouth. 371 more words


Toe Nails

I hold my grandson Ezie’s foot in my hand and pull away his sweaty sock while he watches The Amazing World of Gumball, his favorite cartoon.  469 more words


Swimming: a memoir

It's the 1950s, in the days before municipal swimming pools in every suburb. I'm 8 years old, catching the train by myself to swimming lessons at North Sydney Olympic Pool. 808 more words


Sensory Overload

A class task where we had to write a short with as much sensory detail as possible, but still make it bearable to read. 131 more words

Student Fiction

Grandpa's Doghouse

I discovered sex in my grandfather’s desk drawer. I wasn’t looking for it. All I wanted was a pencil. My grandpa was always doing crossword puzzles, and at thirteen years old, I wanted to be like him. 922 more words



Through its interactions with the illusory realm, the soul is able to know itself. The paradox of existence reveals the secret, that truth can be contained in the fallacies presented by the imagination, the error of life that verifies the seemings of nothingness. 124 more words


"In a Dark Wood" on Minnesota Public Radio

Honored and delighted that “In a Dark Wood” is this month’s choice for Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Thread” Book Club! Read here.