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Donald Hall

“If there were no callers in those long evenings, we sat in the living room by ourselves. I would be reading the novelist I had most recently discovered; my grandfather would be going over a favorite Joe Lincoln or Zane Grey or Grace Livingston Hill for the ninth time; and my grandmother would sew or knit in the bad light at the end of the sofa.” 9 more words


A Letter From Teenage Domo

My upcoming twenty-eighth birthday marks my tenth year of this adult thing. I am aware that there is no official marker of womanhood, but I wanted to imagine what the fiery eighteen year old me would have to say about my adult choices and persona. 182 more words


You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) is a memoir by Felicia Day. She’s an actress/writer/producer/everything-under-the-sun.  But a lot of people have never heard of her, and that’s because she really became a star within a certain realm of entertainment, and that’s the internet. 181 more words


Preserving Family Stories . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

The autumn our daughter Carly was two and a half, we admired the fallen leaves together. “But, Mommy,” she asked, looking up at bare branches, “how do the leaves get back on the trees?” 692 more words

Family Life

Mr. Valentine

I have the open invitation, any time, any place, for a weekend affair with a wonderful, sexy, gritty, real man, who I want very badly, temporarily. 253 more words

The Writer as Migrant by Ha Jin

When the tanks of the Chinese army rolled into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on June fourth, 1989, Jin Xuefei, a Chinese student at the Brandeis University in Massachusetts, decided that he could not return home. 394 more words

Review: Turow's One L

Ed. Note: This review was written for a now defunct livejournal account while I was in my first year of law school.

One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School… 218 more words