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Whispers of Love

I was reading a story about a new mother who just had twins.  Lots of people came to see them in the hospital and as well meaning people do, they would hold one of the twins and say in their baby voice something like, “You look like you are going to be a football player.”  The mother would gently take her baby back into her arms and whisper, “don’t listen to them, you can be anything you want to be.” I think I will probably be that type of mother.   932 more words


Six word memoir

Aprendizaje, comunidad, juventud

Identidad, belleza, nuwan <3


Learning, community, youth

Identity, beauty, my heart (Kaqchikel) <3

Personal Experiences

A Hundred and One Years of Sun Ra and Other Examples of the Beautiful Passing of Time

Over the years, of all the musicians I’ve seen perform live, the one I’ve seen more than anyone else is Sun Ra. Wherever I was, if he was coming to town, I went to see him. 714 more words

3. Literature

Making Strides

What do I want to do with my life? Weirdly enough I have been thinking about this a decent amount lately. Ultimately I would like to go into the business world. 577 more words


Baby Blues and Green Parents

We were a good couple.  Long before we got married, we agreed completely on important things..foreign policy, religion, life plans.  Then we got married.  Life was idyllic.  1,579 more words


Things just happen.

I have magic powers. I know this to be true. I use them sometimes. Sometimes things happen and it’s because I willed them to happen. Like the time Candy Dovers slipped in her garage and cut her head and had to get stitches. 255 more words


Writing My Mother’s Memoir: So Who Is She Really?

From the folks over at  Color Your Life Published

Today’s guest blogger is Denis Ledoux sharing his experience with writing his mother’s memoir. He’s the author of… 252 more words