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Memoir #5

How many boundaries do you set for yourself, dear reader? Perhaps too many? Perhaps not enough? How easy is it for you to say no? How easy is it for you to say yes? 678 more words


Memoir #4

Now I know for a fact that you look back at your teenage years all the time. What a wild ride, am I right? So many new experiences. 1,317 more words


Check, please

It’s been a great debate over the past few years over who should pay for the bill. Went on a date or just out with friends should the man or the woman reach for the bill first? 380 more words


Svetlana Alexievitch: La guerre n'a pas un visage de femme

I wrote about her most recent book here, and recall how I was stunned by it; this one is no different. And I find myself thinking hard about what exactly it is that she does so well. 451 more words


Grace shows up in clever disguises.

Trees are cherished friends. They shade us, produce oxygen, shelter tender baby birds. Their green beauty relaxes us. Our grapefruit tree went above and beyond to help me. 369 more words


Still Overboard

Lately, I have come to discover a little truth about my current self.  That truth is:

I’m still overboard. 

And by that, I mean I am still working through the mess left behind from my recent conundrums in life. 690 more words



老二 璟贤每次说: 爸爸, 你的文笔好, 为什么不把你小时候到现在的人生 过程记录下来?

99年病后开始觉得人生短暂, 再不写我走过的人生路程可能就没有机会了.

先说说我的家史, 我所知道的, 我们祖藉是潮州, 潮安, 浮洋镇陇美林 (也许 以前祖先是山东, 诃北中原人后来宋末金兵追杀逃来南方). 父亲林振辉从中国 娶了母亲冯愈杏, 潮州, 潮安青麻山冯厝女儿为妻. 因中国南方苦难, 父亲(当时 应该是22, 23岁) 随叔伯们从汕头乘红头船(大眼鸡) 飘洋过海下南洋谋生.