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His Blood

Are you ready for something really honest, really messy? I think I am finally ready to share this piece of myself with you in more detail than I ever have because I hope, I pray that my experience will be encouraging or helpful for at least one person. 1,060 more words

Godly Advice


This is rare, but for once I posted this for the video just as much as for the music.  As someone who has written creative nonfiction and memoir style writing, and has traded and told stories with people, I can two hundred percent confirm that memory really works this way. 7 more words

Meeting in the Middle

Photo Credit: Christine (West) Berstad

I remember meeting her halfway.

I would call from the wall phone, sometimes waiting patiently for the neighbours to finish their conversation on the party line before I could dial her number and say, “Are you ready?” 382 more words


#10 Take the Leap

Procrastination seems to get the better of us, the most during times of intense anxiety. I often find myself in a position of uncertainty and lack the confidence in myself to make ‘the right decisions’. 389 more words


#9 Baggage Claim

Secrets, grievances, grudges and the bad memories of the past are all things we carry with us. This is the baggage that we drag on our journey throughout life. 438 more words


#8 Unconventional Gay

School assembly had just ended. The principal had made his closing remarks and we were signaled to make our way towards the classrooms. Being the shortest boy in the class and standing in the front of the queue was quite annoying. 735 more words