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Review: Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh

As one of the few remaining people on the internet who isn’t all that enamoured of webcomics, I was a latecomer to the Allie Brosh fanwagon, because I was under the mistaken impression that Hyperbole and a Half was one. 739 more words


Silver Linings

So, hmmm… there’s a better than fair possibility that I may have colon cancer. I still have multiple tests and hospital procedures to go through in the next few weeks and I should know one way or the other by this time next month. 536 more words


Lessons From Depression

I lay here in my room , staring at the cieling while a melody by Bach is softly playing in the background . I recount all the several times last year I was depressed and lost , I believed no one could help me and it was as if faith had put me in this cruel spot without any consideration . 359 more words


Interrupting Lessons in Art

It was in the summer of my fifteenth year when I stood in front of a rickety old door. Unrestrained shouts and claps echoed beyond the thin barrier, occasionally punctuated by sudden whooshes of air. 619 more words


Midnight memoirs

I close my eyes

Wide awake

In the midst of midnight

In the break of dark

I remember

I reminisce

Memories of the past

Sweet memoirs… 9 more words


Oh My God He's Gay

I really need to get a waterproof speaker so that I can listen to music while I shower. Because I always come up with the weirdest shower thoughts. 582 more words