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Mango says Goodbye Sometimes

I like to tell stories. I tell them inside my head. I tell them after the mailman says, Here’s your mail. Here’s your mail he said.

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Nothing last long





That’s how the world works



从今天起做一个惜字的人,这样每一次当面的交谈才真挚而珍贵 13 more words


Life In A Private Boarding School In Ghana

I’ve lived… basically, my entire life in Ghana, West Africa (I moved there when I was four years old). Attended school in the country since kindergarten. 564 more words


F4 to My Memoir: A Woman of Faith indeed, By Barb Parker

  • On Sunday, I host yet again another event on Facebook to launch my memoir . I had done this for each of my previous works, and the attendees have been increasing with each book launch.

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Marie's Garden

First post, First moan.

My first post, now I have finally figured out how to do it. I’ve had a few blogs, but never really carried on with them, apart from my tumblr one, but I got bored of that it isn’t what i’d really class as a “blog”, its just re-blogging things that you like. 183 more words


Working with a Legend

I think I’ve spoken about my brief stint with acting before but I’ve decided to write about a certain job I did last summer.

As you all know, I impulsively decided to spend the summer in New York last year. 854 more words

Model Life

Mourning the Make-Believe

I have wanted to write all morning. I sat in my hammock haven and searched for the perfect words to match my emotions. After two hours, I abandoned the perfection I never achieve and decided on honesty. 184 more words

Musings In The Sand