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As I sit here listening to a sad song on repeat, the only thing keeping my soul warm is a glass of rum and coke. Every now and then I glance over my shoulder to see if my phone’s screen has lit up, meaning a notification of some kind; hopefully, of course, a text message.  419 more words


Family life, not meant for all? Part 3

Some people are clearly unmoved by children’s sentiments and if you ask me, it’s pretty unwise of a grown up to take offence when a child makes an innocent comment. 793 more words


Family life, not meant for all? Part 2

The entire week he didn’t call and he refused to pick up calls. Since he comes home on Fridays, we waited to see how he would handle that sticky situation. 843 more words


Family life, not meant for all? Part 1

Ever bumped into someone and after watching them for a while, the impression you formed of them was, “This one wasn’t definitely cut out for a family life?” That might be a sad analysis of an individual I know, but sometimes circumstances might have someone reaching that conclusion. 820 more words


I told my mom I want clogs for my birthday & she said MAYBE

Happy belated birthday, girlfriend. I hope you got those clogs.

I love you.


Bonjour, gawd I’m hungry!  It’s not 10:55 & I’ve been here since 7:45.  216 more words



New books


I noticed Dave Egger’s book The Circle because of the preview of the movie of the same name. I got the book to read because the movie is starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. 191 more words


On the day I was born

It must have pleased my parents, I would like to think,

To have bred me, a jittery ball of life.

What must have the day been, I can imagine it not, 197 more words