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Labor and Instinct

For the most part, I’m a creature pretty far removed from the wild. Like most First World citizens, I live in a society of order and convenience where the closest I get to nature is tending to the two succulent plants I received as a gift from a friend. 918 more words


The Story of A Mystery Thief

This story happened a few years back. We were in college and hostel was fun. If I remember right, it was the exam season and there was hardly anyone left in hostel. 407 more words

Dear Authors

Two weeks ago, I walked into the book room at a local Goodwill. Dusty rainbows lined the shelves. Passion, tears, laughter, souls bound in grainy pulp, splattered with inky words, donated away. 238 more words


Who We Are

Who we are, is part of where we come from. My mother calls me on FaceTime to show me the icicles formed on her patio this evening. 121 more words


Brit Awards: Liam Gallagher Performs ‘Live Forever’ for Manchester Tribute — Frank Macari

Hot new music news! Liam Gallagher performed an intimate version of Oasis’ 1994 single “Live Forever” at the 2018 Brit Awards on Wednesday. The performance served as a tribute to the This article originally appeared on…

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An Unexpected Surprise

Going through some old paper work, I ran across an old car registration bill. It reminds me when my son bought his new car and argument that followed. 487 more words