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Memoirs, letter to my ex-husband.


Due to the many emotions, I have reopened through writing my memoirs I have just had to get some things off my chest otherwise I might burst. 746 more words

Daily Word Post

16 Miles without Water: a Rattlesnake, a Lost Trekker, and a Rebellion… The First Sierra Trek

As the physician who had threatened to tell the media I was running a ‚Äėpot smoking orgy‚Äô in the mountains packed up to leave, my thoughts turned to the challenges of our second day‚Äôs route. 2,682 more words


Thirty-Eight Moves (from my memoir)

Thinking back over sixty-five years of married life and doing some quick calculations, I was amazed to realize my husband and I had moved a total of thirty-seven times during our lives together. 2,114 more words


Around the World on a Sailboat

Click below to hear Catharine discuss her time at PACE magazine and Neil’s early experiences of writing.

Memories Of Neil


You know you’re tired when you see a green light and have to ask yourself, is that stop or go?

Today, it’s not the body that’s tired, in fact it feels like I need to go work or something, clean the whole house maybe. 240 more words

Thoughts Written

Wild by Nature by Sarah Marquis

I remember reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed a few years ago, and how I felt so in awe of her experience on the Pacific Crest Trail as well as her personal transformation over the course of her journey. 859 more words