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Midnight memoirs

I close my eyes

Wide awake

In the midst of midnight

In the break of dark

I remember

I reminisce

Memories of the past

Sweet memoirs… 9 more words


Oh My God He's Gay

I really need to get a waterproof speaker so that I can listen to music while I shower. Because I always come up with the weirdest shower thoughts. 582 more words


It's About Time .......

Here I sit with the knowledge I have not written to my blog in sometime, primarily for three reasons: the first being a busy summer schedule; the second being because of that I have little to write about at this time; and the third is that I am not about to become a slave to a periodic blog post with little of meaning and depth to write about, else it becomes a gossip column which is beyond purpose of the posting. 377 more words



One of the worst things to happen to me as a teenager was the two weeks of the swim unit in gym class. That statement makes me sound like a huge baby, like I didn’t have any “real problems” as a teen, which isn’t true. 1,265 more words

The Sniffing

We’ve all heard the “experts” say that if you can smell it on yourself, you’re wearing too much –

To which I reply: Hogwash!

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing. 524 more words


Better off this way

Often, I recall a memory deep in the vault of my childhood history. Its a good memory.
Its probably the one and only time in my life when I have been praised and genuinely congratulated by people above me for doing a good job. 1,169 more words


At First Sight

It was a quiet night out in town when I was finishing up the last bits of work for the week. A cold autumn wind blew past me as I slowly pushed out yet another large trash bin out the backdoor. 505 more words