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Final Project/Map

This link will take you to a video I made with the help of some handy dandy notecards for this final project. I went with varied index card structures because I like the implication that the knowledge reflection helps you compose can be easily rearranged into new structures the way index cards can, and that the structure is up to you, the reflective practitioner. 132 more words

Memorable Quotes

Thomas Alva Edison saja juga pernah gagal – mencontek Cara belajar genius Thomas Alva Edison - The Quotes

Wahyu Indra Permana

  • Seorang ayah dikatakan sukses apabila mampu mencetak anaknya lebih sukses daripada dirinya sendiri
  • Al adalah seorang pelajar sekaligus pekerja keras
  • Belajar dan bekerja merupakan satu kesatuan yang tidak dapat dipisahkan…
  • 457 more words
Memorable Quotes

Dorothy Sayers' Sluckdrib Letter: Not The First Screwtape Copycat ... But Close

In preparing for a paper on teaching The Screwtape Letters for the C.S. Lewis and the Inklings Colloquium at Taylor University back in 2012, I thought I had discovered the first… 1,785 more words

C.S. Lewis

A Scary Story-Within-A-Story by John Crowley

Many readers will know that I have a peculiar interest in the story within a story. Part of it comes with the discovery of “The Grand Inquisitor” in my early days. 3,629 more words


Snigsnozzle: The First Screwtape Copycat by Charles Williams

This is the week of the All Hallows Eve, so what a great time to launch a Screwtape series on A Pilgrim in Narnia. Over the next three weeks we will look at… 1,271 more words

Memorable Quotes

Why we Don’t Live in the Future: A #BackToFutureDay Post

I am too young to have seen Star Wars in the theatres. In any case, being humble rural folk, I couldn’t afford the movie ticket and parental bribe needed to get “to town.” That’s also why I missed ET, and only got to see it on the big screen about five years ago at a community fundraiser. 1,461 more words

Memorable Quotes

11 Most Chilling Quotes from The Wits Fees Protest

This week saw one of the most iconic youth moments South Africa has seen since the Soweto Uprisings in 1976. Wits students came together to fight against a 10.5 % fee increase that would lead to many aspirant young students from under privileged homes unable to continue with their studies because the fees are too high. 474 more words
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