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The Quotes from "Pulang" by Tere Liye (2015)

Quotes from “Pulang” Tere Liye (2015)

  • Guru Bushi selalu bilang. “Ingat Bujang, jika kau tidak membunuh mereka lebih dulu, maka mereka akan membunuhmu lebih awal. Pertempuran adalah pertempuran.
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The Words C.S. Lewis Made Up: Part 1: Bulverism

As far as I know, Lewis never used the phrase, “wordsmith.” When it comes to writing, he preferred images of stone, greenery, and song to metaphors of fire and steel. 650 more words

C.S. Lewis

100 Facts about Charles Williams

Last week, the first full-length biography of novelist, poet, and Inkling Charles Williams sprung on the literary world (in Great Britain; the US release date is scheduled for December 29). 2,431 more words


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King Kong posterWell, for today's Friday Feature (on early Saturday), this is super cool. Grevel Lindop has written an award-winning, critical biography of this strange man, Charles Williams--so influential to C.S. Lewis and the Inklings and a superbly interesting writer (if difficult at times). A couple of years ago, Hanna at Book Geeks Anonymous took Grevel's top tweets of 100 weird and wonderful CW facts and blogged them. I missed it, but Oddest Inkling scholar Sørina Higgins tweeted it today and I want to share it with you. #10 and #45 and #96 are funny, and #9, 22, 23, 34, 65, 74, 83 are intriguingly weird. I didn't know about many of them, but am not sure about #73 and #91. I'm glad #78 failed. #99 makes too much sense.

What I'm (Re)Watching Weekend Note

One Tree Hill 1×02 – ‘The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most’

It’s been about a decade since I first watched One Tree Hill. 362 more words

Writers - Jessie

“Pobacaj naše stare slike. To nismo na njima mi, već neko nama drag i poznat: naš most iz jednog bića u neko sasvim drugo biće. Neprekidno prolazimo kroz privide.

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Memorable Quotes

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
― C.S. Lewis

Memorable Quotes

My Favorite Quotes

By: Kristen Joseph

One of my favorite things about being a reader is finding quotes throughout the text. Not just something memorable that a character says, or the mantra for a revolution, but a string of words that seem as if they are speaking directly to you, burrowing themselves so deeply into your heart and mind that you could never possibly forget them. 429 more words