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Nae or Nah? 

안녕! 잘지냈어요? 사랑해요! (Hi! How are you? I love you!) These Korean words or phrases might be familiar to you because you can hear or see it often. 549 more words


Lets talk ethics

It causes me great concern that our past government paid such little attention to legal guidance we the people paid for.

Not only did they throw caution to the wind, they threw your money out with it. 95 more words

'De-escalation' agreement in part of Syria

Perhaps not coincidental to the Trump-Putin G20 summit in Hamburg:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: The US, Russia and Jordan agreed to a de-escalation memorandum in southwest Syria.

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Memorándum: una apisonadora para el pueblo griego

Los pre-requisitos del Gobierno grego aprobados por una estrecha mayoría de 153 parlamentarios (de un total de 300) el 18 de mayo equivalen a un nuevo super-memorandum, mientras las medidas agudizadoras del empobrecimiento se extienden hasta 2021, tres años después del final del tercer programa en vigor, que acaba en agosto de 2018. 3,377 more words


The U.S. Fight in Syria Not with Terrorists, but with Assad

After the Memorandum of de-escalation areas in Syria was signed, the civil war in the war-torn country actually slowed down. The residents began to return to liberated cities and towns. 238 more words


Memorandum–steamroller for the Greek people

By Leonidas Vatikiotis

The prerequisites passed by a tiny majority 153 MPs (in an overall number of 300) of the Greek government on May 18th, equivalents to a new super-memorandum, as the new measures which further deepen the poverty extend up to 2021, three years after the end of the current 3rd programme, on August of 2018. 2,992 more words


Unruly Sheep

4:43 am
Dear sheep,

Please stop jumping over the non-existent fence by the dozens.  I’m trying to count you.   It was less than four hours ago when we started this project.   212 more words