Memorial Day

Memorial Day at the Golden Gate National Cemetary

May 30, 2016

San Bruno

'Memorial Day' in the Fall

A hybrid tea rose known by the name of ‘Memorial Day’ bequeaths me with stunning blooms as well as rapturous fragrance. {photos captured in October 2016, Zone 6b South Central Pennsylvania}


Primal Fear: Not the Hunter.....but the Hunted

This is a picture of the town center Gazebo in Green Mountain Falls, Co.  My family and I were in this mountain paradise for a family wedding.   593 more words

Life And Memory


Has anyone else watched this clip of Mrs. Clinton react to the assassination of former Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi? In the clip Secretary Clinton had just received the news of his overthrow to which she quips, “we came, we saw, we killed him” with a sinister laugh better suited to a Mafia Don. 615 more words


Memorial Day

For love of country, they accepted death.

06 June 2016


Who Needs Badges When You Have A Beanie?

Scouting was a tradition in our family.  My brothers were Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.  I was a Brownie Scout and Girl Scout.  My daughters were Daisy Scouts and Brownie Scouts. 826 more words

Patriotic Heart Wreath

Memorial Day is coming up! I wanted to make a easy, fast wreath that kids or anyone can really do. You’ll need about 3/4 yd of any fabric of your choice, just looks better with 3….or more! 231 more words