Texas Flood Survivor Follows Ted Cruz To New Hampshire Primaries

By AJ Abell CONCORD, New Hampshire — Renee Boschert lives in Wimberley, Texas, a place where virtually no one has flood insurance because of the extremely low chances of flooding. 462 more words

New Hampshire Primaries

Thoughts On Praying About The Weather

Just over a week ago we had a snow storm along the east coast states of the USA, including New Jersey, where I live. The weather reports were forecasting this for at least two days before the storm was due. 1,466 more words

Light Installation at former Berlin Wall for anniversary that overlayed former November pogrom memorial day - Nov 9, 2014

Copyrights for these pictures were granted to us by a neighbour of the Moritzhof in Berlin. Owner of the professional photo bomber visible in these pictures lent the trained animal for this photo shooting with explicit approval and was presented the pictures before publishing. 268 more words


Why the Academy Award nominees have made me reflect upon the Shoah

Two weeks ago, the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards were announced. I welcomed them with a mixture of disappointed expectations, as always.

I saw Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston, Eddie Redmayne and Leonardo di Caprio as Leading Actor nominees. 714 more words


Four genocides we should also remember on Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is an annual day of remembrance, dedicated to the remembrance of those who suffered genocide.

It is, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust… 394 more words

The Descendants Corner: The Walker Family, Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

Guest post by Freda Walker Moore

My family and I would like to have this opportunity to honor our ancestors and to thank the Orton Family for their dedication to preserve the African American gravesites in the City of Portsmouth. 550 more words


Memorial day weekend

Our summer at Abbott’s Glen Inn in Vermont, starts on Memorial day weekend. Friday afternoon is a bustle of activity getting ready for 3 days of entertaining our guests.Weather always plays a big part in how we enjoy the weekend. 88 more words

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