2017 Memorial Day at the Wall to Honor Veterans of US Armed Forces

A certified Business Continuity Professional, business consultant Richard Cantner possesses nearly 30 years of experience in industrial engineering and business operation. Richard Cantner also formerly served in the US Army and supports the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), which will host its 2017 Memorial Day at the Wall event in May. 117 more words

Richard Cantner

The Slump

You’re over half way there!

To where, you wonder…

You’ve almost made it through the January 2nd — Memorial Day SLUMP.

Have you even noticed that in March (and sometimes April too) you and your team feel a little on edge, and you are just longing for a day (or week) off? 132 more words


I love a good cemetery!

One of the most interesting and beautiful cemeteries I’ve been to is the Elmwood cemetery in Memphis Tennessee. It is a very large cemetery with gorgeous trees and incredible monuments. 1,590 more words


Letters to the Military

Several months ago my mom brought over a bin of Beanie Babies and told me she thought they could be donated to the troops. I, of course, had no idea how to go about this. 251 more words

The Return of Pomegranate!

Those of you who’ve been following EverWriting for a while may remember my blogs about growing and nurturing a pomegranate plant which I related to the process of writing… 390 more words


May 26-29: Memorial Day Weekend

You are invited to

Celebrate Discovery Community’s 30 Years of


 Walker Creek Ranch in Marin County, CA, during Memorial Day Weekend, 2017… 477 more words

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