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Recently I’ve been working on my time management and trying to get my posts together on time. I know it was quite a few weeks ago, but I’m going to be blogging about my wonderful Memorial Day getaway! 153 more words

Memorial Day, Jaws, and the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Originally Written for Memorial Day 2013

Republished for the 70th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Indianapolis

There’s that scene in the movie Jaws, the one where Amity Island Police Chief Martin Brody, oceanographer Matt Hooper and Captain Sam Quint (played brilliantly by Robert Shaw) are all sitting around after dinner inside The Orca – the boat that ends up being too small – engaging in a friendly competition involving their various scars. 1,595 more words

U.S.S. Indianapolis

Prepping for the new year- or your first year!

It’s still July, not quite August yet, but most stores have their “Back to School” supplies out and sales going. Where I live, school starts in roughly 2 1/2 weeks, and in some places, it’s starting even sooner than that. 1,460 more words


This week my deadline with Veteran’s Voices passed and it’s been an incredible feeling participating in such an amazing project. The release day is Memorial Day 2016 and it got me thinking about what Memorial Day usually means to me. 208 more words

It’s 2:45 on a Sunday morning—the end of Saturday night, a holiday weekend. And he is twenty one. It’s possible, he isn’t thinking of me. He could be trying to sleep with a girl he just met or perhaps one he’s had his eye on. 64 more words


America, Land of the Free

Ladies and gentlemen, the key to life is liberty. Liberty is only born from one who can give it. Only the individuals denies themself liberty. Salvation in Christ can only be provided through Jesus, the Savior. 604 more words



Thanks for visiting my blog.  My name is Glen Moore.  I am an associate pastor at NorthSide Community Church in Rocky Mount NC.  I have a passion for teaching and preaching the word of God.   21 more words

Memorial Day Sermon