Format of sanitation garage ‘open house’ a surprise to attendees

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Community residents were surprised by the format of the most recent meeting on the proposed sanitation garage, held at the Brookdale Campus on East 25th Street last Thursday evening. 953 more words

Community Board 6

George Clooney at Newman Gala: 'My Wife Is the Smart One!'

The stars checked their egos at the door on Monday night to honor Paul Newman and to raise funds for Newman’s tremendously successful Serious Fun Children’s Network of summer camps. 671 more words

Acupuncture Keeps You Strong During Your Battle With Cancer

Valerie Harper recently revealed in an interview with AARP Magazine (March 2015 Issue), that she had been receiving acupuncture regularly and drinking teas her acupuncturist was giving her as adjunctive therapy for the cancer she was battling.    244 more words

Erica Forest: Our New YC Coordinator, Interviewed

Jessica Stern: How did you find out about Gilda’s Club

and what made you want to become involved with it?

Erica Forest: I previously worked as a clinical social worker at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 8 years. 534 more words

Punchy Mommy Live!

My blog post, Let’s Pretend To Be Normal, was chosen among hundreds of pieces to be published in the 2014 Visible Ink Anthology. Visible Ink is a writing program through Memorial Sloan Kettering where participants are paired with professional writer-mentors. 352 more words


Sloan-Kettering To Expand Near UES Campus

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center will expand to occupy the entire 38,864-square-foot office footprint at Himmel + Meringoff’s 1114 First Avenue through a nine-year, 11,104-square-foot expansion,  294 more words

Please Read This

Please read today’s article ‘Fighting to Honor a Father’s Last Wish’ in the New York Times (September 26, 2014)It is a harrowing tale of America’s broken end of life care system. 694 more words