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Fortney: Thousands honour Manmeet Bhullar at stirring memorial

To his closest friends, he was the Superman with a fondness for chili paneer; to his grandma, he was the young visionary who did his immigrant family proud; and to his older sister, he was “Princess,” the favoured child who always managed to get out of doing the dishes. 842 more words

Local News

Development Proposals could make RAF West Raynham Unique.

The second airfield that has recently seen proposals for new development is the large and complete site on Norfolk’s western side. It is RAF West Raynham. 458 more words


The Sayonara Playlist

In the unlikely event that any kind of memorial gathering should occur, here is the music I recommend, and copyright be damned. Not a problem, though, because like I said, my goodbye party will be more of a virtual event, and this is its soundtrack. 81 more words


Too Short (You still look like an angel)

Growing up I always heard make the most of life. To never take anything for granted and never go to bed angry at a loved one. 256 more words

Holodomor Remembrance Day

Remembering genocide.

The Holodomor was a man-made famine in Ukraine during 1932 and 1933. Millions were killed as a result of Soviet agricultural policies, and those victims are remembered by Ukrainians around the world on the fourth Saturday of November every year.


I was stunned to hear that Barbara Beacham, the host of Mondays Finish the Story, had passed away. I always loved contributing to her challenges and even though I didn’t know her beyond that, her loss still stings. 270 more words


Development News for Britain's Airfields.

Plans have been released this week for the development of three former RAF airfields in Norfolk. On the face of it, these represent steps forward in preservation whilst allowing a sympathetic development of these historical sites in at least two of them, and development and part preservation in a third. 399 more words