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Mid May Remembrances -- a Poem

There’s something about this time of year, when the sky is heavy with moisture, that makes me think of my mom. On days like this, the memory of her Alzheimer’s presses on me. 129 more words


Shark's Teeth Among Broken Shells

After a cold, snowy winter, we were in need of some sunshine. My husband and I planned a trip south to visit his cousins who live near a beach in North Carolina. 807 more words

Memories of Mom - Chicken Soup Days

Most people remember my mother as a sometimes intimidating corporate director figure who was also generous to a fault. She worked many years to get to that point though and she showered her family with lavish Christmas and birthday gifts. 1,652 more words


Mom, The Birthday Girl

Today is my mom’s birthday. I went to wish her in the morning and she wasn’t in her room. I wondered where she had gone. Usually, she’d be fussing about, dusting this, arranging that, making me some coffee. 412 more words

Emotional, Who Me?

New Blog Series - Memories of Mom - Introduction

I've been tooling around the idea of capturing memories of my mother who passed away in 3/2014 in a blog series, mostly to capture them for later use and I've found as I get older, I tend to forget more and more details. 2,112 more words