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Mom, The Birthday Girl

Today is my mom’s birthday. I went to wish her in the morning and she wasn’t in her room. I wondered where she had gone. Usually, she’d be fussing about, dusting this, arranging that, making me some coffee. 412 more words

Emotional, Who Me?

New Blog Series - Memories of Mom - Introduction

I've been tooling around the idea of capturing memories of my mother who passed away in 3/2014 in a blog series, mostly to capture them for later use and I've found as I get older, I tend to forget more and more details. 2,112 more words


The Mystery Of Motherhood

I have found a way to reach out to my deceased mother. It’s amazing. I feel like I’m actually with her. Sometimes I think I can even smell my mom’s Jean Patuou Joy perfume. 641 more words


R for Reminiscence - Motherhood without diapers, washing machine and videos? Amma, Your Highness! #AtoZChallenge

The first thing that stuck me hard after I took my son in my hand when he was born, was the difficulties that my mom must have undergone throughout her pregnant days, during childbirth and while bringing us up. 537 more words

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Mom's Jingles

I come from a musical family. Simple, home grown kind of musical, nothing professional. Mom also grew up surrounded by music. She, her three siblings, and her parents all have beautiful singing voices. 275 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Cherry Kool Aid

That wooden spoon would get sucked down into the dark red whirlpool that was contained in our overly-used brown pitcher. My mom was always making a new pitcher of Cherry Kool Aid. 109 more words