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How shall we find the concord of this discord?

Today I’m doing a book promotion for Michael Murray’s new novel, Leefdale.

As well as being the author of Magnificent Britain, Julia’s Room, and the best-selling detective novel, A Single to Filey, … 393 more words


Cathy Murray reblogged this on Cabbage and Semolina and commented:

It's been ages since I posted on this blog. That doesn't mean I've given up writing blogposts. On the contrary, I've had a blogpost every day for months on my daily 3sixtyfive blog: https://3sixtyfiveblog.wordpress.com/ Michael and I have also been preparing his new novel, Leefdale, for publication. Obviously this has been a bit tricky as we've been interrupted every two weeks when I've had to go for my chemotherapy. However, we got there in the end and Leefdale was launched a few days ago. I thought I'd reblog this post from my 3sixtyfiveblog to tell you more about Leefdale. It's already been downloaded by some of our family and friends and initial feedback has been very positive so thankyou all for your support. I'm working on my next Cabbage and Semolina Blogpost which is provisionally titled "Pianos, Pets and Pinnies" so watch this space! All the best, Cathy


Nunca te odiaría por marcharte,porque un día, sin avisar, me salvaste. Y esas son de las cosas que nunca se olvidan.

summer 2017 / nostalgic stuff

it was the most memorable summer of my life for sure.
i met a lot of new people that changed me in many different ways but in the end we didn’t keep contact that much. 73 more words



We’ve been looking at a lot of old photos recently, sorting out my father’s collection after his death in January. The photo of Dad that terribly hot summer in Switzerland – the one and only time I remember him wearing shorts. 416 more words

Life In Switzerland

Yalluk -- My ways, Defined, In Clarity

My path is not an easy one. Let that be known, before anything more is said about my life. It is not something that everyone can live fully while involved in, and despite my ravings I would never dream of forcing anyone into a lifestyle such as this. 2,431 more words

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