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Farmer Bob

My name is really close to ‘Bob Evans’. Sometimes when people hear my name, they joke about the restaurant Bob Evans. I tell them, sometimes to their surprise, that I actually raised sausage on a farm growing up. 358 more words

Your Life & Mine


Fall is a weird time for me.  On the one hand I drive into my townhouse area and the trees on either side of the road, parade in stunning gold and red colors.   321 more words

Everything Else

Once a bookworm...

In a bygone life I had thousands of books. Yes, I really mean thousands. There were bookshelves in my bedroom and on the landing, bookshelves lined the walls of a quite large dining room, floor to ceiling, and in front of the bookshelves there were piles and piles of books that wouldn’t fit on the shelves, even though many of the shelves were double parked. 702 more words


Memories[The Good]

A/N: The first part: The Final Fight. And remember, the last part(The Better) is still left!

The human mind is said to perceive the negative emotions first. 599 more words


My inner child,
where have you gone?
So deep inside.
So deep that,
I hardly hear your cries.

Days go by and weeks and years. 374 more words

Begun... Again

Maria Bennett stirred in her sleep. As she slowly opened her eyes, and registered the stillness of the room, she had realised it was just a dream. 1,084 more words

Creative Writing

Before we Begin

Maria’s eyes shot open, although not fully awake yet, she stared at the ceiling, for a moment, wondering where she was. She lazily blinked a few times, getting her focus back as she sat up, and buried her head in her hands. 677 more words

Creative Writing