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Losing My Ability to Choose

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence and Recovery*

When someone is sexually assaulted or faced with any kind of sexual violence their right to choose is taken away from them. 722 more words

Sexual Violence Recovery

Daffodil Day

I almost broke down in tears at work today. It took a lot of deep breaths and forcing myself to stare at spreadsheets to calm myself down. 637 more words

High school pt 2

The case of the matter was that I was sheltered. I barely got to have the high school experience. It sucked so bad. I was mostly ignored throughout high school. 142 more words


It all comes out in the squash

Pour one out for the homies, I bid farewell to a treasured friend and associate today.

Let’s jump back 4.5 months. October. I was stalking the floors at work looking for food. 514 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

10:24 (Poem)

Hi guysss, hope you are all doing well. Here’s a new poem, one of my favorites that I made so far~


I sit here glugging… 68 more words