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8 Little Things I Didn't Tell You

Hey E. M. E.

I was waiting for you there before I go to office to talk about things, about your laptop, to take my leaves but your boyfriend screamed at me. 1,309 more words

Random Things

1minute29: Plastic Memories 3

Eugh. Social issues. This episode simply features our hero trying to pry apart Isla the android’s steel shell. It sounds like a clever and mature plot until you realise that this is from Japan, so any social interaction requires unconventional seduction, such as cross dressing, pyromania, and other things that create loud noises. 50 more words


List of things that I've caught on fire:

  1. A candel
  2. A marshmallow
  3. A couch
  4. The oven
  5. Dry grass
  6. A blunt
  7. A gingerbread house
  8. Pictures of my bestfriend’s ex boyfriend
  9. Letters from a secret admirerer…
  10. 10 more words

Old Photographs: Part Two

These brown photo albums live in a drawer in my sitting room. My mother insisted that I take them to New Zealand in order to pass them on to my children. 662 more words


Old Love

You stir from the depths of me
When darkness takes control
I need not call your name
The old love remembers
You are the blood in my veins… 30 more words


Tuned to Drop D

I remember the best night of my life.

It was the night I met my fiancee.

But I remember the other best night of my life, too. 593 more words

Balding Adonis

No Comebacks

I still remember the place where I left,
Someone behind but not the memories set,
they clinged to me, they haunt me still,
in darkest hours of night, in brightest shades of light, 74 more words