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Alzheimer's Blows

I’ve mentioned before how awful Alzheimer’s is, but today I feel the need to elaborate.  I’ve written funny/frustrating posts about dealing with my mom’s Alzheimer’s, but today I’m going to write about the sadness involved.   782 more words



I wish I could at least visit those days
When I could so easily fall asleep
Having the moon as my roof 76 more words


First memories

I pride myself in having a very good memory. I have a problem with remembering number sequences and birthdays, but apart from that, I have no problem telling you what you were wearing at a party 5 years ago, what you told me during a casual conversation 8 years ago and I’m sure I would be very good at picking criminals out of a police line- up. 977 more words

The Rampant Lands Pt. 5- Lucas

An Accounting of The Rampant Lands By Rita Tagey-

    I’ve been here for about a year now and this is the first time I’ve written anything, because I finally have something to write about. 2,639 more words


Summer heat 

It’s a hot one today. Heat index of 104. A good day to stay cool inside. But with a little boy who loves being outside as much as mine it’s hard. 308 more words


Honey Ko, Chapter Eleven

A familiar voice called to Frank as he threaded his way through tables and barmaids to reach the door.

“Frank! Hey, Frank – over here.” 2,226 more words


Our little trip to Bridlington

My family decided we would have a trip to Bridlington at 8:30pm and I personally thought it was a daft idea as we would only be there for a couple of hours at such late notice but it turned out to be so relaxing and the walk on the beach was beautiful. 38 more words