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Looking back

We are often told not to look back but to be ‘in the now’ or to look forward to the future. But there are various reasons why we can look back and times when it is good to look back. 304 more words

Radio Silence

Now, nearly three months on, when I think of Lynne, I am met with silence. It is like a radio station taken off air.

Since that summer of 2015, she had broadcast so noisily. 138 more words


A flyer arrived in the mailbox announcing the first annual neighborhood yard sale. The premise was simple: the coordinators would take care of the promotion and advertising and anyone who wanted to participate could set up shop in their own driveway and sell whatever they wanted to get rid of. 255 more words

Life In California


I am showing my age when I say that it all seems like yesterday, though 1980 was nearly forty years ago. In political terms in the UK you can sum up the ten years in just one word: ‘Thatcher’.  690 more words

Local History

All or Nothing


I got something say, darling
But I can’t find the right words to express
Please don’t turn your ears away, darling
Just listen to what has to be said… 189 more words

The Edge


Well here we go
Starting all over again
But as we go on
We find out where we went wrong
And remember the words… 131 more words

The Other Side


The innocence of time
I can see in your smiles
And barely a glimpse of the wall
Behind your confused eyes
If you care enough to pretend… 74 more words