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A Single Memory (Final Draft)

This is the final product of the first draft I posted.


We first learned of  Anamnesis Co. on the 7 o’clock news.

“There are too many poisonous memories within us as a nation,” said the newscaster through her brightly painted pink lips. 4,980 more words

Short Story


Back to that cold dawn, as the memories flood me. And I feel the chill creep to my heart again.

I still remember the fear in his eyes as he quietly begged me to let him stay. 443 more words

A Home In the Woods (9)

Occasionally we had visitors on the site and then at the cabin. 

Beau, a musician friend from Virginia, came by once.  That was the day someone put a tambourine around Connie Goat’s neck as she was nosing around and she took off running, ending up at K’s place before I got to her and calmed her down.  416 more words


Sweatshirts, Miserliness and Spending

This is a picture of my Banjaara sweatshirt. It says Team Banjaara on it because I am part of the help desk and hence these hoodies are to help identify us. 661 more words


Nightmares ~ #poetry #freeverse


Awakened memories
Sunken dreams once buried

Washed ashore

On the crashing of waves
Invading inner sanctity

Drowning tranquility

Ever rolling in again
With the endless tide… 10 more words

Night Owl Poetry


It’s so unfair.

Why do I have to be responsible for your anxiety and anger? Why do I have to soothe them? Why do I have to bend myself in order to accommodate you when you play those cards? 248 more words


Welcome to cat's home

Hi there! How’s your week been?

Our two cats are a big part of our life, so I wanted to write a post about them. 485 more words