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On this day 

It’s funny how things change –


How did I get here? So happy. So worth it. 8 more words

My exchange essay

I finished my exchange essay! It was awful at first, but then I started thinking about my trip to France when I was younger and how magical it was… then the words just flowed out. 293 more words

Directionless Musings

Six word stories (c. Nina)

Where’d you have wanted time stopped?


Pyrite and Purring

M y first piece of Iron Pyrite – a magical golden bean…

Cats are unique in the Animal Kingdom in that they can purr. A sustained vibration of the vocal chords as they breathe in and out that usually signifies happiness and contentment, it starts when they are kittens with their mother as they knead and suckle, and stays with them throughout their lives, a memory perhaps of when they were babies and first felt warm, safe and protected. 834 more words


Arthur Gill And Thomas Marne Have Moved Me

TWO MEN KILLED IN DURHAM PIT EXPLOSION ran the front page headline in the Sunderland Echo published on Monday, November the 14th 1932.

There were several heroes that night but above all it was the actions of Mr Gill and  Mr Thomas Marne that have especially impressed and moved me. 219 more words


In the garden

This morning, just as the first shafts of sunlight reached our yard, I stepped out the backdoor and went Wow!

Normally, I don’t do this, however, for some reason, I had one of those Awe moments Herman Melville describes in… 311 more words

Elder Blogger

Grandma Norma

Norma Jean. Grandma Norma. I don’t know where to begin with this woman. I credit her for teaching me piano lessons and for inspiring a love of genealogy. 632 more words