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Seeing black

Moving is scary, moving on is worse.

What happens when the Earth turns, like a table top, and you’re falling face first?

We hang to the edge on our cliff’s only ledge, or we leap to our threateningly inevitable death, and hope for the best. 71 more words


forever like my heart: for Frank

the wind blows through rooms
it chills whoever sits there
shadows on the walls
frozen in time forever
like my heart now that you’re gone

Other Writing

Scribblings 129 - Trapped


Trapped in the web of memories
I surrender to your thoughts
That dig their claws in my heart
Tearing my soul apart


Mother's Holiday Table

Mom was an amazing cook and the holidays were an opportunity for her skills to shine. As a child of the Great Depression she was efficient without being stingy, simple but not drab, and traditional while willing to try new dishes. 726 more words

Misc. Thoughts

"Grave of my memories"

I walked past that withered tree of my past

I walked past from that grave of memories

Heading ahead into another season of life

“Don’t you need me?” asked the grave… 72 more words

Guns and Roses

You say nothing, but the meaning is clear

“Get lost”– just two words–

Like two bullets fired–

Scattering away my dreams like flurried birds 98 more words


Recovering a Lost Book of Poems

Recovering a Lost Book of Poems

by Brian Flatgard

In the early ’ 90s, I ran a very small press which published my poetry and that of others. 472 more words

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