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I did not realize how much of my life I had written out in poems till I started transcribing it and posting it here. I’m currently trying to put it all in a date order rather than the random order I have been finding and posting it in. 21 more words


What I learned on Feb. 14th, 2011...

Not a day that will live in infamy, but a day I’d like to forget nonetheless.  It wasn’t a botched Valentine’s Day of scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift.   667 more words


A memory from February, 2015:The "Ole H-D"

(A relaxin’Sunday mornin’ ride)

Battery hot-check, tire pressure right-check, oil level-check, all lights workin’-check, cranked up to warm-up-check. Get my Boots, Shades, Chaps, & Jacket on and I’ll be ready. 177 more words

"A Short Story/Memory"...

I’ve been told many times thru the years that I tell funny/strange stories. I have always liked startin’ in on a topic & just let it run. 167 more words


Maybe all

She remembered was

Abject pain


“One less crazy-woman in

The world’s a good thing”

© Azul, 2016


An Old Sweater

I found an old sweater tucked away in a bag
I hadn’t touched since the move
And hidden away in its forgotten folds
Were memories I hadn’t remembered in… 88 more words