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It is fun to see how much we humans are collecting, and for what? Are we afraid that we do not have enough? Is it because it gives our lives meaning? 326 more words


Who said nights were for sleep?

He was a sleepy kisser.

If my fingers found his lips he’d always kiss them. In the car. In bed. In his sleep. Anywhere. It was almost like a habit- something he did without thinking. 31 more words

Remember Remember the 5th of November

As LB had been so poorly and P was only 4 weeks old we didn’t want to drag them out in the cold to stand at a big fireworks display, so instead decided to do it ourselves in our back garden, so we could whizz back inside and warm up quickly when needed! 157 more words


Blogmas Day 5: Holiday Movie Favorites

Hello again, my friends. I hope ¬†you are feeling oh so festive and fabulous on this fine Monday morning. While most people don’t look forward to Mondays, i’m the complete opposite. 530 more words

Waltzing Images

I put all the effort I could,
I scanned all methods over,
But I could not get rid of them,
Your memories in my head, 27 more words

A Snowy Day

“Brace for Brutal Cold: Arctic Blast Invades the US”

Well, it looks like the Northeast won’t be experiencing this particular “Arctic Blast”, but we did wake up to snow! 220 more words


Help needed - wedding photographs

We have digitised over 1000 wedding photographs from the George Street Photography Collection, and for most of them we have the names of both the bride and the groom. 53 more words