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Here's to you, Mam...

My Mam is a wonderful woman and she has always loved and encouraged my writing, creativity and whatever else I have put my mind to throughout the years. 914 more words


Songs that throw me back..

There’s a parallel between photographs and songs in that they can both take you back to a moment, producing vivid memories and nostalgia, and that’s just one of the reasons I love music so much. 391 more words


In the midst of a busy and stressful time

Along comes my older daughter with my new grandbaby.

He’s just devine.

Little darling now smiles at me.

We spent the day discussing her future wedding plans, taking Miss Bee swimming and dancing and just chilling out.

Just what my heart needed.


TMI Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

I’m trying a new feature. The TMI Tuesday Blog offers weekly questions for bloggers to answer and post on Tuesdays. My answers to this week’s questions are below. 509 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

Reflection on the Unseen Web of Love

Yes! We are Winning!

I say We because even if you are unaware of your impact right now, I am here to tell you that You… 418 more words


The words that failed me..

Satish stood tall, literally and figuratively. He was the love and energy of his family and loved by all in ours, a respected colleague to many, a revered boss to his subordinates, a strong pillar of support to his bosses, and the closest friend to so many near and dear ones. 482 more words



Dear diary.

I woke up in a cold sweat, dreaming about the day Lee died again. I hate this time of year now. The flashbacks get worse the closer to the date I get and the meds dont stop it happening. 169 more words