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What I Found in a Photo

While enrolled in a basic genealogy online course through Boston University I discovered that you can tell a great deal about the lives of people from looking at old photos and analyzing the objects around them.  802 more words


​A Very Random Thought on A Saturday Night

I remember from my childhood….

I used to have this coin purse that contained some old coin versions of the Philippines. I had a few pennies and quarters there given by our American friend. 394 more words


We'll always have that place off Ocean Avenue...

Yellowcard is my #1, all time favorite band. I’ve been listening to them since I was a kid. I’ve been going to their live shows for the last 5 years. 392 more words

In the bones

Most times I try to hide it under my grief

but when I think of how eleven years pass

and how scientifically the skin and body… 200 more words


Red Vines

My first memory of Red Vines was at a swimming pool.

Today any time I have a Red Vine I think of pools and rain. 205 more words



Love was the only reason, I was with you.

I felt happy and love was true.

I remember those late dark nights,

I saw twinkling stars in your eyes, bright.

143 more words

50 isn't all that old - is it?

Part of a daily countdown to 50.

86. Migraines are the devil. That’s my post for 86 days out. They’re evil.

85. I got a text this week from a high school friend who said she’d been reading these posts and they were making her feel old, that it “doesn’t seem possible” that we should be this old. 275 more words