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I'm fine.

I was doing fine, I really was. But then, you asked me how I am and it all fell apart.

In that moment, everything you ever said to me and everything I ever said to you rushed into my head and then, I wasn’t fine anymore. 53 more words


Lost sonnets

I do not know
Where now it lies
For so long
Amongst decaying dust
Of memories
Perhaps some lonely stranger
Has loved it
As once we did… 27 more words


A Past is a Dead Soul

“A Past is a Dead Soul. You are new—and you are in control.”

184 more words

Day 22 | Gala Granny

In the previous post I wrote about how my Annamma got on our nerves and drove us crazy. But apart from that, she was the coolest granny anyone could ever have and we loved her to the moon and back. 631 more words