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Why Fatboy Reminds me of You

Fatboy (Frappe) reminds me of you because he’s a cat. He purrs when I pet his head, but sometimes he squeals and pats my hand away. 416 more words

No longer just a short car drive away

So I was surfing facebook on the way to work the other day, and saw a message that my niece had posted.

I tried not to let other bus riders see the tears that started rolling down my cheeks. 331 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Ephemeral

This week`s challenge theme is Ephemeral!!

A moment that passes by and never returns…

A kiss…

A train that travels away…

Summer mornings…

Ephemeral is here just for a while and comes from Greece!! 96 more words


False Witness

Recent scientific studies have shown that memory is completely different from the way it seems.  Memories are malleable;  they can be implanted or modified.  I already wrote a… 288 more words


Of Dreams and Dangerous Living.

A friend of mine recently asked me about dangerous living. A few months back I wouldn’t have had an answer. But yes, that was last year. 567 more words


Sikkim Diaries: Rumtek Monastery – A Symphony of Peace

As human beings, our lives are a sum total of situations, experiences, emotions, people, circumstances. There are experiences and places that become a part of you on account of the magnitude of emotion you feel in that moment or space. 579 more words


Travelling back in time with the mind. The past. Death. The beach…

In one important way, we are capable of traveling back in time. Through memory, we can return to childhood, go back to the moment we first fell in love or recall our first professional triumph. 274 more words