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Driving in my car (s)

It was a bit of a shock when I realised last year marked the Ruby anniversary of passing my driving test.
I’ve written about the… 851 more words

My Life

PROJECT 364: Remembering the day our innocence was shattered

It just dawned on
me this morning that our children are going to have to go through one of life’s
great tragedies, and there is little we can do about it. 189 more words

A Blog Post

It's Just One More Thing

I look back at my life and know that there some specific events and decisions that made it what it is: a truly wonderful life, so happy that sometimes I fear something bad is going to happen and take it away.

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You like the way
in your mouth
— it reminds you
of that foreign boy
who told you
his favorite word was
farfalle… 78 more words

Notes & Reminders

I Smell the Salt in Seaside Breeze, NaPoWriMo

I smell the salt in seaside breeze

watch it toss the sun-sweetened flowers

and taste the nectar with droning bees

feel how it caresses my face and knees… 197 more words


The Book of Memories ~ Part 2

“Why, God?” Ginny cried. “What happened to the woman in the scrapbook? How could she be the cold woman in that box?” Her mother-in-law suffered from crippling arthritis but it was the bottle that claimed her unhappy life. 162 more words


Outlasting Motherhood Commitments

Most often than not,
aphorisms assume the position of clichés in our lives; you cannot eat your cake
and have it, you have too many iron in the fire, nothing good comes easy and… 1,153 more words