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Trigger Warnings: Depression and self harm

The crisp paper lay flat in front of me on the table in the principal’s office. His signature stamp laying close by the document, still shining red from the dark ink. 1,372 more words


10 Things I've Never Told You & You Probably Don't Care! Ha!

I’ve been having a bit of a writer’s block the last few weeks. I don’t have an explanation for that other than I’ve just had my mind elsewhere. 695 more words

Random Memories


I leaned against a memory

I should’ve have

where the hell’s the sun

-M Taggart


Road Trip to Madison with Kids

Ah, Madison!  When isn’t it a fun road trip to visit Madison with kids?!

Whenever I return to Madison, it feels a bit like coming home. 437 more words


No Bug Buffets For Me

It’s pretty common knowledge that a large portion of the Earth’s population eats bugs. In many areas insects are the major source of protein and are even considered a delicacy. 405 more words


That was the week that was.

It was a pleasant bike ride to the Waidalice bridge on Tuesday, followed by a more pleasant cruise down the Waidalice river and an exhilarating bumpy ride over the lagoon in somewhat blustery conditions.   779 more words

Life, Don't Talk To Me About Life!

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Only nine years. It seems so much longer.

What Happened Out There, Out in the Garden?

Stephanie was out in the garden, chasing chooks out of the vegetable patch. She was some way from us, out on the back porch, so I was surprised that she responded to something I said. 114 more words