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Come and visit me

when you’re not at your best.

Sit down here beside me

and let your troubles rest.

Tell me the things you are… 45 more words


Unravelling Twine

I never knew my father. I recognised him of course, I’d see him every morning silently cutting up his bacon rashers and sausages before forking them into his mouth; while us kids bickered and fought using our cereal spoons as make-believe swords. 178 more words


Sleep Gone Bye

Endless night

That moment when you realize that all the sleep in the world does nothing but make you feel even more exhausted. 82 more words


I Loved My First Car, But I Do Not Like Driving

I was sitting in class when my mom came in and asked my teacher if she could quickly “borrow” me for a couple of hours. The teacher had no problem with it and off I went with my mom, having no idea why she came to fetch me. 521 more words


A day as a Roman

Have you ever heard of the phrase “when you’re in Rome be a Roman”? I’m sure you would have heard at least once in your life. 1,123 more words


Retro Goodness!!

I had always considered myself a retro gamer. You can usually find me in my spare time reading articles on old video games or watching the countless videos posted to youtube daily about the subject. 322 more words

Blog Posts

Photos from Another Life

A friend sent me these OLD photos from when we were about twenty five years younger, back in the day, before tragedy struck and it all went to hell. 26 more words