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The 27 Days of Christmas: Day 1 (Frosty the Snowman in numbers)

A ticket to the North Pole would cost $3000.04.

Professor Hinkle must write his apology 100 zillion times.

One young girl is left on a roof. 47 more words


The lost art of reminiscing.

We went to a slide show. Not your 1970’s type where those ‘celluloid in a plastic frame’ images were projected on a wall. It was a modern ‘stick the flash drive thing’ into that monitor in the lounge room that also has a television tuner in it. 297 more words

Occasional Blog

It's the end of November already...

As promised, I did hibernate for October. Nothing untoward happened, it was quite quiet and uneventful. Just what was needed. I was planning to do a post in early November, but three weekends with the boy, one weekend to catch-up on sleep, then the boy for the weekend, then this weekend trying to catch-up on sleep and before I knew it, it’s the end of November. 1,024 more words

On My Mind

Christmas Presence

One of my earliest Christmas memories is of sitting at the kitchen table with my father, working together to make “shadow box” nativity scene.  Shadow boxes were popular at the time, and as far as I can remember, they consisted of a box that housed knick-knacks or scenes in a decorative wooden box covered with glass to protect the contents.   382 more words

Life Lessons

The People You Meet...

I’ve always solidly believed in the ‘everything happens for a reason’ way of thinking. Now, just so much in experiences but with people too. The people you meet, you meet for a reason. 389 more words

Why we want you to buy the 'crying kid' Santa photos

You know the ones……….. (thanks for sharing these ones Jo, Kris and Kintara)

Personally I LOVE them, they are so REAL!

There are two reasons we encourage you to buy the cringing, crying, wriggling, unhappy photo of the kids with Santa. 285 more words

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