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The Greatest Gift--part 2

A continuation of The Greatest Gift –part 1.

My time at the next home was short. I can’t say they were horrible foster parents, but they weren’t Melrose. 1,011 more words

Life Nuggets

Love stays

we lose beloveds but never the love

repressed it lies quite, perhaps lying latent

beneath the coat of dubiety and complaints

burgeoning misunderstanding and priority fades… 113 more words


Spring Has Sprung

First days of spring. Time for more sunshiny days and a new lease on life. Green grass and baby animals. Ah, spring. So I’m going to share a favorite childhood poem of mine. 53 more words



Apologia pro vita mea
(for Ana)

          Late last night, I opened Alistair Macleod’s book The Lost Salt Gift of Blood and I re-read the first story. 562 more words

Memories Never Betrays

People can deceive
faces may change color
love can dwindle
truth may falter
but memories never betrays
It stays
And it lingers for a lifetime

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah



January 27, 2011:

My cousin died today.

And so it begins. I’d already found myself wondering who among the twenty-two of us would be first. Figured it would be one us older ones. 182 more words


Not yet

Why don’t you write about her Mummy?
– Not yet. I’m still too sad. It still hurts too much. I will do. Soon. When it’s not so raw. 332 more words

Family Life