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a good memory with a good friend

I’ve been feeling nostalgic. For my childhood, for last summer, for last month, for yesterday. I don’t know why, exactly. Things are (surprisingly) going okay, and I’ve never been one to romanticize the past. 388 more words



Written for:  The Twiglets #46 – “still holding”

twenty minutes after hearing, “we will be right with you,”
I am still holding.

Trying to hold stillness in my heart… 30 more words

Purple's Home

Why do some tunes bring back such vivid memories?

I’ve just managed to pull my shit back together.

I managed to recover the tune and all the music that I found throughout the summer before my laptop broke and I stupidly didn’t backup the majority of my music. 409 more words

The Iconic Boeing 747

First released in 1968, Boeing’s 747 was, and still is, an engineering marvel.

United is retiring their 747 fleet for more fuel efficient 777 & 787 aircraft and fuel efficiency is a definately valid reason. 96 more words

Fearsome Thoughts

Ready for Thesis...

Ready for Thesis.

Ready for Thesis?

Both the same set of words, yet one obviously a statement and the latter a question.  Currently I am at the second and working towards the bold, strong, statement that is the first. 690 more words