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That Time I Tried A Sari

I freak out at different cultures. I Always have. SO when I got this opportunity I jumped on it so quickly that they would have had to shoo me away to get rid o me. 99 more words

Spare Coins

In response to the prompt Spare

“Buddy, can you spare a dime ?”

Coins – they’re a wonderful thing

I can remember – as a small lad – being able to make a short ten minute conversation on the phone , all by feeding the BT box that powered the phone two pence pieces. 154 more words


Fun Friday? | A Twinepathy Fanfic

I have absolutely NO IDEA (haha, pun!) what to call these posts… so if you have any ideas, please let me know below! And this is also a day late, so apologies for that. 748 more words


remembering way back when

I was caught between the hammer and it’s vice
unable to think twice
or go straight once again
to walk the honest line

As a child washed in whitened robes… 24 more words


A Songbird Sings But Walt Disnae

This time last year I was in the Aberdeenshire village from which my surname originated. Or at least it would have been if my name was Gary Lumphanan. 822 more words


What I Hated the Least Today 149/365: Last Day

My last day at work (for the moment, not forever) started early and poorly. The night before, my Wi-Fi had died in my arms and despite the tender loving care it promptly received, it failed to revive. 995 more words


A Fine Frenzy - The Beacon

For that special someone who crossed my mind today “I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC” this is for you. The music video is at the end, her voice is haunting and the lyrics just so beautiful, hope it makes all of you feel extra loved today. 192 more words