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The shoebox on the shelf – secured with old string and dusty from being ignored – beckoned me. I opened to find a quarter-century of memories a thousand miles away. 568 more words

A small journey down the sounds

They say and I have read that people remember a place with the smell and visions, it is strange I realized today my memories go by sound. 254 more words


Is Your Glass Half Full?

Every day things happen in our life’s that potentially can lead to us feeling down, right?

So how do you stay on top of things and always see the positive side of everything?. 580 more words


Pope Francis prays for world’s persecuted Christians


Published on Feb 27, 2015

An opportunity to withdraw from the worries of everyday life and unwind in listening to the word of the Lord: Friday morning saw the conclusion of the Holy Father’s Lenten retreat with the senior members of the Roman Curia, at the Divine Master House in Ariccia. 72 more words


Realmente no es mi pueblo,  y no es tan poco.

It isn’t really my town and, by New Mexico standards, it isn’t really little.

 7,500 people live here, but since there are towns of four, six and even just two or three hundred and less in this region, it isn’t as small as it would be in other parts of America. 611 more words

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Motherhood: Lessons Learned

Tomorrow around the time school gets out I will have been a mother for…well, I’m not really allowed to say exactly how long any more, but it doesn’t seem all that long to me.   423 more words