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I don’t know how
you tasted so sweet
yet left me
so bitter.



beware of imposters
who feign love
in order to be loved.


Taking a break

He looked up from the table away from his laptop, too bright to pass for natural amidst the dim surroundings, briefly recalling that more than this exists. 278 more words

Short Shorts


Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are!

Well, as you may know, this last month (February) we had our Carnival holiday, which means a few days when you can finally do whatever pleases you: party everyday, drink a lot, sleep, read, travel, netflix and chill, it’s all up to you. 1,016 more words


Cats, Bees, and Anxiety

It can be hard to understand anxiety disorders if you have never been touched by one. Outsiders think of it as a lack of willpower, but they don’t understand the subconscious nature of it. 1,068 more words


Salt and Oil

You wake up because you’re sweating, as usual. Your head is pounding, and it takes you a few minutes to get your eyes open. You look around and realize you don’t know where you are. 1,507 more words