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Friday Afternoon Review

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is thanking them for being a part of your life.

This has been an interesting and busy week in Hibdonville. 611 more words

Memories - 17

اْس نے اپنے خط میں مْجھ کو کتنے درد سے لکھّا ہے

اب تو گاؤں آیا کرنا اب تو سڑکیں پکّی ہیں

ایکسٹرا ڈرِل اور گیمز اور پی ٹی، کیسے کیسے بوجھ ہیں ہم پر


16 things I wish I had known at 16

Looking back at my young 16 year old self seems like an eternity ago (actually only 6 years ago, wow I’m old!) just makes me cringe. 849 more words



You forget what you want to remember

And remember what you want to forget ..

This is fate and we all regret.

Forgot the taste you left on me… 103 more words


Lust. Hang in there, it's mostly seasonal.

**Soo good you want a piece.

Piece of this,
pieces of more.

I just want to take a bite.
Just a little Bite and then I’m all yours. 178 more words

The Interrogations

Dear Reader,

I left off here with the interrogations. If you remember, they brought her to a heavily reinforced prison intended for gifted criminals. After their tests revealed nothing, at least nothing their scientists could understand, they had no choice but to bring in their best interrogators- gifted persons with the ability to tell immediately if someone was speaking the truth (or not)- better than any lie detector. 408 more words


​Hate vs Love

I hate you, yet I love you

The powerful and polarizing words.

Intense emotions of mind.

Becoming a purpose,

An agony and an ecstasy.

A single soul destroyed.

51 more words
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