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Dingin waktu malam

Membawa aku kepadamu

Kepada jalan-jalan yang kelam

Walau lampu mobil tak henti henti


Aspal yang masih basah

Kerana hujan lebat petang itu… 238 more words

Poetic Eh?

Well, that was unexpected...

You know how you go through something and the effects of it create an idea in your mind to help you cope?  You resign yourself to a way of thinking or a view of how that event was and how you assume it will always be.  1,286 more words

Baby Bear

After 5 years of trying, nothing was happening. What was wrong? This was supposed to be easy. Didn’t all the classes teach it only took one. 1,264 more words



Carry you in my arms
Hush now babies don’t you cry
In my life when I need you
Leaving before I let you go
Dry your tears with my love… 15 more words


One in the hand

During the visit to the relatives in China, we got to play with some small firecrackers.  One of them didn’t pop and I picked it up to figure out why.  13 more words


He was a Liar!

Always used to fool around,
He was a silly, stupid joker,
Made everyone laugh and smile,
When he was bloody broken.
Retreated into his lonely cave,

238 more words


किसी अनजान मोड़ पर
काश तुम मुझसे टकरा जाओ
कैसा होगा वो पल?
ख़ामोश जुबां, नम आंखें
दिल की आवाज़, कुछ देर यूंही रुक जाओ 247 more words