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It Is Written

As I sat with my morning tea (because I’m out of coffee; Who runs out of coffee?!), my brain ignored the birds chirping and the sun shining and turned instead to listing off the things I needed to accomplish on this beautiful day – first on the list: buy coffee. 422 more words

Vocabulary Lesson 1

Nancy stamped her foot violently on the floor. (press, mash / confirm, approve)

She flung it into the fire. (throw, launch, toss… 111 more words


Word: Farrago


Sentence: Johnson knows what to dislike and is unflagging. Ivan Illich writes “a farrago of sub-Marxist cliches, false analogies, non sequiturs, false or bent facts and weird prophesies.” …

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Learning English

Bible Bite - Memorization

Memorizing something seems harder as we get older doesn’t it? We think we can’t do it but we really can. Think of all the things you have committed to memory. 291 more words


Terence, This is Stupid Stuff

Last night, my husband and I were sitting at our fire-pit drinking wine, talking about how people eventually get what’s coming to them. And he said, “That reminds me of a poem I memorized by A.E. 269 more words

Practical Steps for Memorizing a Speech

I never memorized a speech until I joined Toastmasters. Five speech contests later, I have learned how. It does not always make sense to memorize a speech or a presentation, but if you really need every word to count, then it is worth the time and effort. 429 more words


New Bible Study and Giveaway!

How often do you find yourself reading the Bible and not really getting much out of it? Are you reading it just to check that off your list? 549 more words