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Master The Art Of Speaking In Public

Do you love to stand in front of a crowd and dazzle them with your eloquence? Or does the thought of public speaking make you want to go and hide in a corner? 297 more words

Verse to meditate

Dear friends,

This category will contain verses that we should be meditating on, as the name itself explains. I suggest you read it a few times continuously so that you get it memorized first which is mandatory if you want to meditate it the whole day. 111 more words


[Interview] Inspiring Tips to Memorize the Qur’an



Mrs. Iffath Hasan, over 55 years old, is originally from Hyderabad, India. She first moved to Canada with her husband before settling down in Chicago, United States. 2,647 more words


Aliran Air..

Seperti tetesan hujan yang pasrah dihempas ke bumi..

Seperti tarian hujan yang berjatuhan, berlari memutari..

Seperti derai hujan, yang bebas mengikuti angin melangkah pergi..

Aku selalu suka hujan.. 141 more words



“When I heed the way of His Word, I’ll hear a word for my way.”

How can a young person live a clean life?
By carefully reading the map of your Word. 41 more words


How Actors Memorize Their Lines

As I’ve been reading Behan plays, I started to think about the challenge that actors must have learning dialog, especially if they are playing a large part in something.   187 more words

M is for "memorize"

Dictionary.com defines “memorize” as “to commit to memory; learn by heart”.

I learned so many wonderful things by heart on this date in 1973, as my husband and I welcomed our baby son into the world. 282 more words