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Learning Grade One Kanji - Part II

By the way, I bought a notebook for me to waste some paper just to memorize Kanji. For those who don’t like it manually and want a lightning-speed learning—I’m just kidding—try… 263 more words


Learning Grade One Kanji - Numbers

Although many are already adapting to Hindu-Arabic numerals, it’s always better to learn the basics.






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Introducing Hiragana

Where do I start? Will I jump to Kanji and start blabbing Japanese? Well, just play it safe. There’s so many words out there and you’ll just drown yourself in the real world. 633 more words


Speak, Read & Write

At first I had no really idea on where to start. Learning Japanese is quite difficult because you must deal with a language that uses three sets of characters which are equally important. 110 more words


How Many Words Can You Memorize A Day?

“A lot of language learners appear somewhat obsessed with the amount of words that they can possibly “memorize” every day. Memory and spaced-repetition flashcard apps are all the rage these days, and devout language learners who have been converted—by, in part I suppose, the high-tech nature of the tools and their promise for immediate progress and feedback—only swear by them. 201 more words


Advice Regarding Memorization - Musa Millington

1. Memorization is according to time available. For example if one is busy with work, wife and children then in that case one should memorize a little each day and on the weekends, when he has more time, he should memorize more if he is able. 284 more words


How Does a Pianist Remember the 30,000 Notes of the 'Rach 3'?

Imagine being in a subway station memorizing the number (and perhaps names) of stops to your destination — an opera house let’s say. After you passed through the sliding train doors and entered the portal of the opera house (a couple of doors really), most likely the brain estimated each time that the usefulness, shelf life, of the information has expired, been proven correct each time and slowly diminished its recall ability. 276 more words