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Moving on to Twenty

So I was right in the fact that I was wrong. The first 10 I memorized I only memorized partly correct. I noticed this morning when opening up my TextFugu session that I had missed something from yesterday. 621 more words


First 10 Hiragana Learned

Now, I have to admit, the title of this post is a little misleading. I haven’t so much “learned” the first 10 Hiragana as much as I have briefly memorized them and can distinguish them from the others. 666 more words


How to Memorize Numbers • 10-19 Single Digits | Memory Techniques

Learn how to memorize numbers 10-19 using the Memory Training Techniques of the Major System in this How to Remember Numbers series by AE Mind Memory Coach, Luis Angel. 7 more words

Start shining...


it’s tomorrow that i was waiting all of the day for it.

sun is shining again…

and i’m still love all of the world. 24 more words


Scripture Memory: Tips & Tricks


What does the fox say?

What’s your favorite line from your favorite TV show?

What’s the first line that pops into your head from your favorite movie? 846 more words


This Might Be Entirely My Fault

I did the thing again. That thing where I decide to rip my ACL in half and get surgery. Now, the first time I had surgery was December 15th, 2015. 1,104 more words