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In this earth of classroom there’s only teacher common to all , She’s nature behaving equal to all, She shows love and affection, remain caring and friendly equal to all, At times she punishes strongly that too equal to all. 262 more words

I will love you forever, and you will never die

It was September 2004 when my mental illness worsened more than ever before; due to several factors I won’t go into here. My husband was quite concerned and decided to take me to the mountains to recover. 746 more words



She slipped and fell again, sighed and looked up at the sky. Sweat droplets formed at her forehead, her t-shirt was soaked. She shook her head and sweat droplets fell from hair. 150 more words

Daily Prompts

The Jester

I could memorize your words

But that wouldn’t make them come true

I could write down every promise

But that wouldn’t make you keep them… 16 more words



“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(MEMORIZE)…” 

And so now, it comes to a head that summer is now unofficially fading for another year; Throughout the entire season, while I would be riding down Dover on the bus, I would see a filled pool at a hotel, with the hopes that it would be filled with swimmers. 477 more words

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