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How to Memorize Anything


A couple weeks ago I began a summer memorizing project (I know, it’s not summer yet).

When I decided to memorize, I started thinking about a system I could come up with to help me memorize. 149 more words


Word of God

When your life is filled with struggles and you need hope and encouragement; where do you turn?  Do you go to your family or a friend?   420 more words

Life Lessons

How to Take a Chunk Out Of Memorization / Chunking


One memory technique that can be used to improve short term memory is called Chunking.

This strategy takes a list, of numbers or items, and reduces the number by grouping things/numbers together. 302 more words


How Cinderella Mended My Memory /The Palace Method

Memory Palaces

The Memory Palace technique also known as the Method of loci (loci being Latin for “Palaces) is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory, familiar information about one’s environment, to quickly and efficiently recall information. 792 more words


Learning how to find the note on the guitar fretboard

In this article we’ll have a look at a simple yet very effective way to learn all the notes on a guitar fretboard. This is very important for every guitarist to know, in order to not get lost while playing both chord progressions and solos. 820 more words