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Have you?

“Have you ever felt like you really miss someone? That you feel yourself so lame. Until your tears drop. Because you know, you can’t do anything about it. 27 more words


Starting Season 2

So first off, I did a couple¬†lessons this week it’s just every time I came to write I actually fell asleep on my computer cuz I have been exhausted at the times I begin. 247 more words

Memorizing 'The Apostle's Creed' for Reciting the Rosary

So, I used to have all of the common prayers memorized. But, I fell into a habit of not using them, and now have to relearn some of them! 104 more words


Hide the Words in Your Heart

Memorizing scripture is what many of us learn to do from an early age. When I was a teenager I questioned why we were always memorizing verses but not really doing anything with them other than having contests to see who could recite the most verses from memory. 159 more words

Fully Equipped


2D program 


Lesson 3:


For starter:

Images and copied version with explainable differences of various objects (simple and complex, isolated and grouped), 2 candles with different length of wick, a dried sponge, a wet sponge… 948 more words

Finishing Season 1 of TextFugu

Well. I finally did it. It may have taken a few more days than I would have liked (just because of missing lessons) but it was a great ride all the same. 495 more words

Intro Into Learning Kanji

Well dang, the time is almost upon me. I am about to start learning Kanji. Now this has been a bit daunting for me for a little while now. 581 more words