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Top 5 ways to memorize french vocabulary: Tried and Tested

Have you spent hours trying to learn new vocabulary, just to realize that they have already slipped off from your memory?

These 5 tips will help you memorize the vocabulary fast and efficiently. 526 more words

Best Ways To Learn Vocabulary

Round 2: Kanji and Vocabulary

Still finding some time even this this crazy life to get in some studying this weekend.
Hoping May comes quickly that way my schedule won’t be as crazy and I have more time to study up. 379 more words

Vocab and Kanji

Today is Thursday right? Sure. Totally is.
Well on this wonderful Thursday morning I was able to get into my lesson and start learning some basic vocab and also kanji! 455 more words

7 Must-Remember Filipino Phrases When Visiting the Philippines

Are you planning to visit the Philippines but don’t know any or even a single Filipino word or phrase? Let me help and give you some must-remember phrases. 561 more words


Core i5

We’re inseparable you and I, like how I read sailors love the tide.

One and zero, one and zero, I can hear you as you work away at the melody that I’m all too familiar with. 139 more words

After Dark

Word: Profligate


Sentence: The United States is particularly profligate. When oil prices rose, speculators bought huge tracts to grow corn for biofuel. Corn takes three times more water than sorghum but fetches a higher price.

89 more words
Learning English

Final Steps Before Starting Kanji

Alright. So today was a shorter lesson (which actually kind of works out because I have a busy day ahead of me) in which TextFugu gave me my final preparations for beginning to learn kanji. 121 more words