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Exams: What is the paradigm of knowledge? 

Assalamualaikum and guten Tag dear readers!

Today I had Aqeedah class and our abla (teacher) passed to us our previous test. I had a look at my paper searching for the marks but to no avail. 547 more words



I was at a seminar and right next to me sat a student. After it knew all the years and stuff the teacher was talking about and added facts to everything I asked the student if it had memorized everything in the books. 145 more words



I will toss and turn in bed all night. Unable to sleep for hours and hours. But the moment I place my pillow to my side, close to my body, up to my head….. 77 more words

Your Words

I like your way with words.

How they flow right through my mind

and I can hear this voice

This hammering and punching

your words beat right through me… 116 more words