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The Breakdown - B.A. Paris

What would you do? If while driving down the road one night during a thunderstorm and you saw a car stopped at the side of the road, you see it’s a woman by herself sitting there as if waiting for someone.  890 more words


Pseudo Jellyfish

So…you are a man or woman in the later stages of life―the golden years, some might say. Your doctor’s appointment is an hour away, but you cannot find your car keys.  956 more words

Memory Loss

When Scammers Get Personal

Several months ago, I found myself the unfortunate recipient of a fraudulent transaction. Bottom line? I got scammed. After a visit to my local library, my computer gave me error messages, which were purely meant to scare non-tech-savvy people like yours truly. 767 more words


Q & A: Is there a known disorder that evolves from manic depression to loss of cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and speech?

That’s an interesting question! Please understand, I’m not a medical professional. Anything I say is strictly from my own personal experience.

That being said…

Anon, please forgive the assumption (and feel free to correct me!) I’m going to guess you’re female. 551 more words


It's all up in your head (pt 1).

With exception to the main story from where this blog originated from, this is (probably going to be) the first post I write that spans over night. 971 more words

Am I getting Alzheimer's?

Ask the doctor:

1-14-18.  Dear Doc, I’m in my 70’s and have noticed my memory seems to be slipping.  I’m having problems remembering people’s names. Does that mean I’m getting Alzheimer’s? 368 more words

Dementia – Peeling away the layers of our lives

What a struggle. I’m holding the fridge’s door open and looking inside the refrigerator for an apple but four packs of unfinished sliced bread and cartons of milk block my view of the fridge’s content. 1,247 more words