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America's History in Boston and Philadelphia - PART 2


Despite the rainy weather on our last day in Boston (which also happened to be our designated “tourist” day), we put on our raincoats and took off for the city! 428 more words

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Seeing Friends in New England

A funny little story about our last year includes how we moved from Wisconsin, said goodbye to our friends up north, got married, and started this long journey. 193 more words

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A Wonderland Never Forgotten: Lake George

Imagine a summerland paradise that embraces an ironic blend of both kitschy, 1950s-style entertainment and bold, luxurious mansions of last century… That’s Lake George. A unique landmark with lots of history, the area is complete with Revolutionary War museums, historic bed & breakfasts, main street shopping, maritime entertainment, AND some of the most impressive mini-golf courses around. 245 more words

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One More About the Midwest... I Promise.

The Midwest – America’s Heartland” – holds different borders, depending on who you ask. Wisconsin and Kansas have felt like vastly different climates in my experience, yet both are “Midwest,” through-and-through. 691 more words

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One Week, Two Parks, Three Time Zones

In July, when we made our decision to “book it” – from Seattle to Wichita, in one week – it took almost no planning before we hit the road. 350 more words

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Camping on the Columbia River

After visiting Portland, there was really no reason for us to follow the Columbia River east, except for one obscure movie reference. 376 more words

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Creating an Electronic Journal for your Child

Creating an electronic journal for your child can be done in a number of ways, however a close friend of mine (Scrummy Mummy Maternity… 289 more words