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Being a mum to two young children is mind blowing! They can say or do something at any moment that whisks you back thirty years to when you were doing the exact same thing. 110 more words


Learning to Enjoy the In-Between Times

I am convinced this will be the most memorable year of my life because it is so full of new events. There is very little monotony, which actually can be exhausting. 667 more words

The Adventure

...It's What You Do When You're Bored

This blog serves to highlight the valuable time we spent with my big brother Mikel. As a guest in our home-on-wheels for about a month, we had a rare opportunity to share some of this trip with him and he had a chance to really reflect on what has become a chance to really consider where his life and career are headed. 441 more words

The Adventure

Preshooler Journaling, Diaries & Scrapbooks

I’m a bit fanatical about record keeping not the paperwork kind …alas that is still in a pile to file, more the journaling kind. Before I created this blog I would write a diary each night. 605 more words


First Birthday Time Capsule

Still on the birthday theme I thought I would share Monkey’s first birthday time capsule. I must admit I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to memorabilia even before I had a little one. 528 more words


Hiking and Driving in the Southwest: Know Your Terrain!

The last month in the southwest has been one pleasant surprise after another. Having ignorantly believed the land would be one, solid, dusty desert plateau, it has been almost inspiring to have seen one mountain range after another. 587 more words

The Adventure