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trip down memory lane

Somedays I wish I could just go back in time and relive my best memories. don’t you miss the days when you didn’t have a care in the world and your were just living life as growing kid. 230 more words

To All the Lettuce-Drying Moms

Last night, we had chicken-tender salads for dinner. My husband (Brandon) was working late, so it was just me and the kids for dinner. Brandon is a great hands-on dad and husband, and as a friend recently said, “ 543 more words

Parenting with Endurance

As I am going along in this parenting journey I see that my prayer is really to parent with endurance.

This has come to me time and time again but yesterday I had a moment. 613 more words


Day 55 - The Little Things

Because we have been having our home re plastered and decorated we have been living in a blank canvas for months waiting to be able to put up our pictures again.  213 more words

Things I Love

Day 52 - The Pennies Add Up

So in April we are going back to Barcelona.  We ended up there on our 3rd date! Originally I booked a week away to getaway by myself and when it came to it JW came too. 403 more words

Merry Chrismess

Hello Lovelies,

Well we are six weeks away from Christmas! Can you believe it?! How did that happen?? Yet another year has flown by…

As we started to think about gifts to give this year I knew that I wanted to give something  made by the boys to Nonna & Grandpa Paul and Grandma & Grandpa Jer… Jack is still a little too young to do much ‘crafting’ either the crafts are too difficult or his attention span just isn’t there and Linden is only 5 months old so… 466 more words


Vacations Don't Build Memories, People Do. (and people are everywhere!)

There’s a social protocol heading into summer around these parts. We ask every person we meet the same questions. “Any plans for the summer?”

Most summers I fumble with niceties around our personal answer to this question. 1,270 more words

Family Life