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Piaget's Theory & Medina's Memory Methods - More Alike than You Think

Scanning through all of the differing viewpoints we have reviewed in class thus far, one aspect is clear; although strong differences are present and each view point has a specific nuance, these perspectives are linked.  504 more words

8. Professional Practice

Lessons From a Fine Young Man

I have always felt that I have a particularly keen memory.  I’m sharp!

I’m like an elephant.

I remember everything.

I use images for my memory association.   240 more words


A Brief Reflection on the Purpose of this Blog

I think that it is safe to say that Socrates would heavily disapprove of the creation of this blog. At the very least he would find it counter-intuitive that we were using such a tool in order to try and internalize and improve our grasp on a number of theories and works. 495 more words

Kaitlyn's Posts

Knit me darling, Knit me quick

So- you’ve been filled in on the screen printing aspect of my summer. I’ll probably go into more detail about some parts of that in the future, but right now it’s knitting time! 993 more words


The Importance For Authors of Keeping a List

The habit of maintaining a list of items to be addressed is something which I feel has helped me tremendously in keeping, and staying, organized in my writing. 211 more words

RedHat Top Tools

CPU Tools:
ps aux
mpstat -P all
sar -u

Memory Tools:
vmstat -s
ps aur… 29 more words



My intention is to put together a blog which may be of interest to those who have memory problems.

During cancer treatments I found I had difficulty with my memory, in being able to concentrate and multitask. 94 more words