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They Are Who You Thought They Were, No. 644

A couple of weeks ago I put up a post noting that two well-known Confederate Heritage™ advocates, Clint Lacy and Valerie Protopapas Hughes, had given long interviews at the white-supremacist, anti-Semitic website AndrewCarringtonHitchcock-dot-com. 1,066 more words


a stone is made smooth

A stone is made smooth
with the least bit of pressure,
a constant and maybe thoughtless rubbing
between thumb and forefinger.
As tarnish from a piece of old silver, 69 more words



I opened the door
to watch it rain
and let cool fresh air
into my domain.
Birds went about their business
in spite of soft thunder,
45 more words

#writephoto – Darcy’s Shack from Morpeth Road.

There wasn’t much left of Darcy’s old fishing shack after the storm. The shack had sat on the edge of the beachhead for as long as I could remember and Darcy was just a name my father told me about. 76 more words


Most of the times when you read, it is to acquire knowledge. You read to know what you didn’t know before, retain it easily in your memory and easily recall it when you really need it. 263 more words

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