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Acquiring immunity

Personal hygiene is a very important practice to keep us healthy. Remember what mama used to say (and what you find yourself saying to your little ones now!)… wash your hands and gurgle, clean your room and do the laundry, cook raw foods and boil water, yada yada yada! 450 more words


Spirit Guides: Martes

Through the foliage,
Beyond the bars,
With the eyes of a child,
I sought;
A snuffling snout,
A burst of brown and buff,
A sliver of ermine or padded paws, 140 more words

Non-Rhyming Poetry

Apricot, forget me not


Forget me not

The empty cot

The killer robot.

Phrases that until today I never expected to see together.

One lives, one learns, one dies.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Oldies but goodies…

Both these images are from June 2011, taken about six miles apart, and are still two of my favourite landscapes of home – the orange fingers of light reaching up from the setting sun, and the line of seagulls on the sandbar are my cherry on top  <3… 41 more words



The earth pulls me
With all its gravity
Weak force
From a frail core.
Pills lull me to sleep
With a halcyon ending
While polluted dreams… 33 more words


A 20th-century Trilithon: The Megalithic Memorial at Marros (IWM 6898)

We all know that the Bluestones found at Stonehenge came from Pembrokeshire. How many people know that one of the most striking First World War memorials inspired by prehistoric megalithic monuments is from Carmarthenshire? 288 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory