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In thrift stores

When I was young
I blamed the
unfortunate weatherman
now I carry candlewax,
paper stars,
and count to ten
I hide my head
I watch the rain… 31 more words

How Dr. Alzheimer Discovered a Disease in an Asylum

Carl didn’t know what was happening to his wife.  The German railway clerk from Morfelder Landstasse and his wife Auguste had been happily married for twenty-eight years. 839 more words


Bergson's Paradox of the Double

“If self-imitation is fundamental, then the self is always already doubled. Here we have what must be called ‘the paradox of the double’. The paradox is that if the self can be imitated, it is always already memorized, formalized, imitated, ‘imaged’. 65 more words

Bertemu Karena Allah (part 2)

Lebih dari dua dekade sudah kenangan akan pertemuan singkat itu terjadi. Semua tetap tersimpan rapi dalam barisan memori. Pertanda kenangan memang menyimpan begitu banyak makna, cerita dan rahasia. 431 more words


The North Anna River, Today

The day was quiet and the water high along the North Anna River today. One hundred and fifty two years ago, Winfield Scott Hancock’s II Corps was coming to grief as it tried to advance down the Telegraph Road and the IX Corps was coming to grief dashing itself impotently against Ox Ford. 586 more words

Battlefields & Historic Places

A Labyrinth of Mirrors

Sometimes I turn to speak a thought
A random, dreaming utterance
Born from the flitting pieces of my mind
As natural a movement as any I’ve learnt… 200 more words

The Wandering Mind