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Jon looked down. His ring was missing from his hand. So was his finger. Then, with the pain, the memory flooded back.


North Jersey American Revolution Round Table

Two of the most significant battles of the war happened in the state of New Jersey; Trenton and Princeton. The harshest winter of the war for the Continental Army was at Morristown, New Jersey. 151 more words

Added extra-kind-of-happy.

It’s been a while, maybe I had a mental block or maybe life has just been too much of a dream lately..

I’ll take the second one. 85 more words

I Remember - #512

I remember the music from Firelink Shrine.

-15 February 2016

This post is part of the I Remember series.


Persistence of Memory

Persistence of Memory.
One of the interesting things about events is they don’t just exist in ‘time,’ they exist in spacetime. Due to our passage around the sun, we move and as we do, we move ‘into the future.’ In fact, as we move around our sun and the moon revolves around us, we are also moving in a circle on an arm of our spiral galaxy. 691 more words

Toolkit For Living

I Remember - #511

I remember Anna’s father standing on a ladder, his head disappeared into our asbestos roof as he gauged the dimensions of the ceiling and the trusses.   23 more words