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My mother, the goddess of cliches,
was overly fond of repeating that
“There’s a place for everything, and
everything should be in its place.”
I must admit that, in addition to hating… 90 more words


A Day in the Life

Every morning, I travel back in time. I go back to the exact same day the year before, and the year before that. And the year before that. 375 more words


Day 1440: What people remember

Sometimes I wonder what people remember about

  • themselves,
  • each other,
  • their dreams,
  • history,
  • me, and
  • my blog.

What do you remember?   I remember

Personal Growth

It's A 24/7/365 Job !

Missing is not a timely thing; it’s a full-time job. A 24/7/365 thing. You are never done missing someone. It becomes second nature, just like breathing, aching a little with every heartbeat. 1,013 more words


Memory Triggers

I don’t think I will ever stop searching for her face within the floods of bustling people. It’s almost unfeasible to stop my eyes from hopelessly scanning and scouring the blurred splinters of individuals that rush by – a scent of a perfume, the twang of a voice, the way someone clears their throat – I simply cannot help the sharp snap of my neck and after a second or two, the realisation hits, the abundance of unbidden hope is lost and the disappointment shortly follows as it melts back down inside of my chest. 209 more words


Weekly Neuroscience Update

It may be possible to categorise the brain strategies used by professional musicians based on how they prioritise sight vs. sound when learning to play new music, according to a… 378 more words

Weekly Round-Up

When your Memory lets you down......

I’m told we spend 33% of our life time on sleep. To that I would like to add that we spend another 10% on searching for spectacles, Cell phones, keys or trying to recollect some name etc. 753 more words

Evolutionary Psychology