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i remember at 8 I had a friend who used to tell me scary stories under batman sheets
with flashlights and small hands
and i felt safe… 116 more words



My bones don’t like the love I’ve decided to fall for
they tell me to step back slowly but my hearts caught in colorful quick sand… 83 more words


in the dark

It feels like something is cutting into me
when I say these small words
I thought you were so lovable
and yet I let you bleed so easily… 18 more words


Knowledge and ignorance of the past in The Beast of the Jungle

I went back and reread the beginning of Beast in the Jungle after reading Helmers and realized how totally strange the moment between Bertram and Marcher just preceding the revelation about their past reads after one has concluded the story: 970 more words


She talked about trees that grew in cemeteries
like it was some type of evil myth
prepared as a false promise for the most naive of kids… 100 more words



I don’t know why I miss you or if I should miss you. I don’t even know what historical place you were supposed to hold in my mind. 118 more words


Part 361 - Giving In

Hildreth ended his call. “I’m sorry, Elsie. But I need to know.” He put his phone on the red wicker table beside the bed and left the room. 612 more words