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Tip of the Tongue

I know we all go through this thing where something is at the “tip of your tongue” but you just can’t quite get it. I read this… 75 more words


I Remember March

See seasons pass with every year while
people seem to stay, once or twice they
seem to fade away, but if you pay
attention their voices may appear (as songs drawn in a binder) 126 more words


Haiku written the day of Rae's Funeral

If I sit without
really thinking it seems as
if you are still there.

This early spring sun
burns too intensly for a
funeral and goodbyes


Terminal: time command use

The command was born to know the time used by a command, but with the GNU Version it is possible to have more informations on other resources (memory, I/O or IPC). 489 more words


How Listening To This Type Of Music Can Prevent Diseases [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

You might want to start listening to some different types of music after hearing this news. Listen to the audio player to hear Jasmine Sanders… 138 more words

The DL Hughley Show

Jesus Exorcises Mother Nature

It’s normal to forget things. It’s human to forget things. The human brain can only retain so much – everything else is washed away.

When I think about memory and retention I’m always reminded of a particular Far Side cartoon. 1,375 more words



Green fields full of life

The honeybee floats tree to tree 

No home tormented hive.

From old to new acts

The sands of time swept by wind… 20 more words