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Photoblog recycle: May 2013

The photoblog finished in February 2013, so these recycles are from here.

Friday: time out at Illawarra Brewery

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Neil… 49 more words


The Swans are our Ancestors!

As explained by Varg Vikernes in his work the word Elf derives from the PIE root *albho- and it means simply “white”. This matches with the fact that the Elves were believed to be the Spirits of the Dead. 226 more words

European Traditionalism

Dead Mole

I’m doing something bad right now. I’m drinking a cup of coffee and eating cookies, it’s 1:00PM in the afternoon. There goes all that hard work on the spin bike, here comes a night of possible insomnia. 345 more words


Ski Trip

Ironically, there have been some moments of joy in my childhood. For example, the time my step dad took me skiing. He was a toilet repairman and he got a job fixing the toilets in the Poconos. 44 more words

"Make America Great Again," "A Future to Believe In," and Competing Philosophies of American History

The current U.S. election has been a consistent stream of embarrassing statements, extremist rhetoric, radical political stances, glaring hypocrisies, and nonstop media coverage that in many cases comes off as an uncritical infomercial for Hilary Clinton and/or Donald Trump, the presumptive Presidential nominees of the Democrat and Republican Parties. 1,035 more words


Simple salsa verde, ideal for dipping tortilla chips.

My first introduction to salsa verde came across the pond. Red salsas, whether cool medium or hot, fresh or out of a jar are very familiar to me but a green salsa surprised me. 180 more words


Kissing Class 101

My first kiss on something other than my pillow occurred during private school. Well, not actually during, as that would have woken up all of the kids who were sleeping in class. 718 more words