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But First...

Earlier this year I attended a dance party on a boat. There were DJs, music, even some fog machines for special effects. While taking a break from dancing I started talking to the guy sitting next to me about San Francisco, the fun events we go to and the types of people we meet. 313 more words


Dad and His Buddy, Tuffy the Cat

So dear to the heart. This is an old picture of Dad and Tuffy, taken around 1976. Dear old Dad just loved that orange striped cat to the end of the earth. 785 more words


Pet Peeves: Time to Abdicate the Throne

Ah, to be kings, reigning from on high, overlords of other creatures, great and small. We’re smart, and they’re not at all. So, we treat them accordingly: as commodities, for food, for entertainment, and whatever use we deem. 629 more words


My Life.

Where would I possibly start? Okay you say the beginning, but I’m not sure if I remember the beginning or whether the stories I’ll tell are the truth or a re-write of everyone else’s stories I’ve been told. 518 more words


Birthday Eve.

Memory. Sitting besides you under the sky. Some hiphop blaring in the pub we didn’t go to. Smoking cigarettes. Taking a selfie. Feeling hot. Looking hot. 7 more words


Occasionally the feeling returns.

The eyes, the stares and the dreadful thirst.

Part of me is still on that stage, even though I have turned the page. 83 more words


think of me?

do you ever think of me?

any regrets?

would it be the same again?

can you tell me…what did i DO?

manipulation is a clever tool. 16 more words

Thought For Today