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March 15 Memo


It is important to consider that at the middle school level, there generally tends to be less communication between parents and students than seen in elementary schools.   106 more words


In order to finish some essays, I have been digging through my archives painstakingly.  Here’s a trivial find. 14 more words


Another Translation of my original work. If you are interested in seeing more stuff like this, please click  Poetry in the Menu Bar, or consider subscribing to f-STEM. 39 more words


I was trained for physics Olympiad.  I had a great teacher and an amazing cohort.  Those are distant now, and yet my high-school physics adventures have influenced my character profoundly still: devotion, imagination, patience and confidence prevail in my academic life. 87 more words


Electronics Memo

MEMO – Final

To: Professor Steven Schneider and Ryan Lizardi
From: Azra Kadic
Date: March 4, 2017
Re: Module 3 Electronics Proposal Memo

Electronics Information Product… 1,120 more words

Mass Communication


I am excited to get this website up and running. We are aiming to have our first live broadcast on March 1st at 7:30 pm. Join us!