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Read the memo to the hospital staff that treated JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963

Today (Nov. 22) is the 54th anniversary of US president John F. Kennedy’s assassination. While literally every second of Kennedy’s shooting in a Dallas motorcade has been analyzed in depth, the actions of the staff at Parkland Memorial Hospital who treated Kennedy—and then, two days later, his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald—have received less attention. 440 more words

Read Disney animation chief John Lasseter's memo to staff about his "unwanted hugs"

Disney and Pixar animation chief John Lasseter is taking a six-month leave of absence following “a number of difficult conversations” about how he has made colleagues “feel disrespected or uncomfortable.” The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lasseter, well-known for… 604 more words

Memos - 18/11/17

memos of encouragement:

to whom it may concern;

-can’t move forward if you keep on looking back at the past.

-i know you’re emotionally drained, physically exhausted and at your breaking point but don’t give up just yet. 64 more words


Not your first

From: Someone

To: Someone

Subject: A letter long overdue

When we were still together, I guess we didn’t know what we were doing. It was more of a label than a relationship, It’s sad to think now that I realize it.  220 more words

First Kiss

The Random Thoughts Blogger

Originally, this blog was called the suicidal blogger, however seemed a step to far so I changed it.

The blog is not some random depressing tumblr blog or a life changing blog full of wisdom and life inspiring quotes. 56 more words


What would you love doing? ❤️

If you were able to do one thing from your past, that you used to do as a child or in your youth if you are older or from any part in your life, any part that you’d love re-doing or re-live a moment. 74 more words

Another very short one.  I just printed out my last assignment of the week, and decided to spend another few minutes writing (personally) before I head for a Café (to grab a non-caffeinated drink… 247 more words