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Easter Break

Easter break means I’m home for the long weekend! It’s been glorious having nothing too important to do. Sleeping in till’ 10am instead of my usual 7am starts was such a treat this morning. 132 more words


Banana milkshake

After a big dose of wanderlust hitting me hard and the other usual triggers that make me feel crappy I decided to block everything out with a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad and a pint of Banana milkshake to cheer me up. 201 more words


We made mistakes, but we followed our hearts

Here’s some of my scanned photo’s that I had developed last Saturday, taken with my Olympia film camera. These were taken on a day were myself and mum went for a long walk down to the village and a little bit further through the backroads around where we live. 67 more words

2011 ♥

Blue skies turning Grey

Why is September such a horrible month? Up until a couple of days ago it was actually a great month, I’ve had some amazing news and opportunties been given to me but like everything, there’s always a low to each high. 296 more words

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Red Velvet *updated*

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all the mom’s and grandmoms out there are being spoilt with hugs, kisses and cake!

Speaking of cake, last night I wanted to have a little practise at making Red Velvet cup cakes, I’ve always been curious of them as they’re meant to be delicious, plus my favourite shop is called Red Velvet and I just had too! 229 more words

2011 ♥

Stop and take it in.

Today, just before I started my very long post for Ghost Eire, I managed to join mumma for a little sun-time sitting in the paddock enjoying the weather/scenery with a cuppa and a cat. 93 more words

2011 ♥

Forgetting how much I enjoy winter

Hello all…Sincerest apologies for lack of blogging, I do get sick of saying that sentence, as I do say it alot! My last week and weekend has been lovely, so so lovely! 331 more words

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