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3 of the creepiest photos ever taken — and the stories behind them

Today I’m investigating a frightening home invasion, a phantom hand, and an astronaut displaced in time or space—in the form of three highly mysterious and unexplained photographs… 1,026 more words

Urban Legends

Pretty big (nee)deal, Seattle

Space Needle, always reminds me of Men in Black.



It’s getting close to securing a release for Black Project Chapter 1: Mechanism of Change and here is the final cover! While working on finding the right distribution channel for BP work for Chapter 2 is continuing.

The Lucas Critique Explained by Will Smith

From the Dictionary of Economics, “ criticizes using estimated statistical relationships from past data to forecast the effects of adopting a new policy, because the estimated regression coefficients are not invariant but will change along with agents’ decision rules in response to a new policy.” Blindly using historical data to estimate the effects of a policy change does not take into account the possibility that the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables in the model may have been structurally altered as a result of the policy change, rendering any analysis of data prior to the policy change useless. 289 more words


My Mystery Blogger Award!

This will be my 80th post on 4therace and I would like to thank Michael J. Miller at My Comic Relief for helping me create it by nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award.! 1,155 more words