Death Stance

Watch them marching in

Angry men in charcoal suits
Angry men with bitter smiles
Empty words in blank spaces
Angry men with fallen faces

Succumb to subservience… 184 more words


The Exile: Episode 58

“The Calypso Club,” I read. “Any connection to this Calypso the sisters mentioned?”

“Don’t know, man, but I want a gig at this place. Major sweetness,” Cazonetti smiled, fingering an imaginary guitar. 597 more words


To Shock or To Seduce, or...

New York fashion week was recently shocked by designer Rick Owens, who put on his runway men, as the news sources quoted, with no pants… 442 more words


Humpday Hotness

Before we get to the sexiness, don’t forget about the Get Inked Contest!!!

Rules are listed on the Contest Page and remember tattoos or tattooing needs to feature prominently. 14 more words

Humpday Hotness

The Exile: Episode 57

At the end of the alley, Cazonetti popped his head out and checked the street.

“All clear,” he announced. “Let’s get out of here.”

We headed down the street at a good clip and didn’t stop until we were several blocks from the hotel. 538 more words


The Exile: Episode 56

Pinning myself against the nearest wall, I forced the frightened security guard to stay down. As Cazonetti snaked up alongside us, he whispered,

“What now, fearless leader?” 327 more words