Not too shabby

Hi friends! I didn’t want to outshine my previous blogpost with my greatness (HAHA as if) so I’m writing a separate post for the outfit I wore at Jeurissen’s ‘Fashion Night Out’. 223 more words


Unsettled: Episode 2

The rumble of thunder grew louder as Mavis sped past the Coldwater city limits sign and up to the first traffic light.

“You know, Mavis, there was always something about this town that made me uncomfortable,” Ray confessed. 1,812 more words


The Prophet of Starfall: Episode 18

It was about 8 o’clock in the morning when Ryan Hayes left the hospital. He would let Nathan into Elisabeth’s penthouse in Sandy Grotto then grab some of his daughter’s things before heading back to the hospital. 1,547 more words


Suit you, Sir

Who can resist a man in a suit? A suit is some kind of uniform, isn’t it? Uniforms that are used in occupations are a bit of different thing. 230 more words

Writing Challenges

Blue Terrycloth Rompers: A James Bond-esque Metaphor for Writing

Across my multiple online profiles, I’ve made mention of the fact that I’m a huge fan of the James Bond films. I’ve seen all of them – some upwards of 200 times – and can quote them extensively. 233 more words

Engineers in Suits 

This has to be the height of my spontaneity.

So, on Monday we (my course mates, Electronic Engineering students) had a presentation for one of our modules. 253 more words

Men in Suits (2015) Full Movie ANTFLIX Amazon Prime

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/CodwEo5CTNQ
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4769576
Adventures of a Low Budget Hollywood Film Director at war with his Movie funding failures.
Internet Movie Database
Men in Suits (2015) – IMDb… 51 more words