Friday Book Review: Takeover by Anna Zabo

Today I’m reviewing Takeover by Anna Zabo. I liked this book a lot and I picked it because I was in the mood for a certain type of read: Namely, a read with business men in it, and that’s what I got. 1,381 more words

Personal Stories

The Exile: Episode 64

As we rode the elevator down, Achilles whistled along to the bland music playing over the speakers.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“To the ball, Cinderella,” Achilles smiled. 358 more words


Mischief Update: Mostly More of the Same But With a Few New Twists

I’ve been up to a few things this week, mostly continuations of previous projects. Still, I’ll have to give this one a six just for… 1,361 more words

Naughty Loki

Hot Men in Suits - the USA Edition

Another holiday that falls on a Friday = another post that no one is going to stick around to read. Therefore it’s time for another edition of hot men in suits if you decide to stop by on the blog today. 17 more words


Poetry: Longest Run-on Story

Bonjourno mes Amis,
K let’s get into this.

When I was in highschool we used to play this game at the end of the class if we had some time before the bell rang, each student would stand up in front of the class and the teacher would give us a topic that we would have to talk about for as long as we could without saying “ummm” or “uhhh” or “like,”. 501 more words

The Exile: Episode 62

I watched in stunned silence as the woman disappeared into the hallway.

Everything I had gone through, everything I had done, was ending in what might be the worst possible way—watching my friends die. 494 more words