Downtown Sacramento Street Photography | Part 1

It looks like street photography is becoming a regular activity for me. I love the candidness of it all. To be honest though, taking pictures of random strangers still makes me feel really nervous, especially when I’m walking around with a DSLR and a 90mm macro lens. 342 more words

Downtown Sacramento

Engineers in Suits 

This has to be the height of my spontaneity.

So, on Monday we (my course mates, Electronic Engineering students) had a presentation for one of our modules. 253 more words

Men in Suits (2015) Full Movie ANTFLIX Amazon Prime

TRAILER: https://youtu.be/CodwEo5CTNQ
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4769576
Adventures of a Low Budget Hollywood Film Director at war with his Movie funding failures.
Internet Movie Database
Men in Suits (2015) – IMDb… 51 more words


First, last day of Spring Semester

It’s all coming to an end so fast. 4 years ago I just graduated high school and thought I had it all figured out at my instate community college. 106 more words

The Train: Episode 64

The average human mind can process 5,000 pictures in the five seconds it takes to inhale. For someone with Michael’s training and skill, five seconds was a long time. 1,077 more words


Men in suits

This has been floating around Twitter:

Fair point I think. Men in suits can be quite dangerous. Like this one.

Is the world more at risk from someone dressed like this? 6 more words


The Train: Episode 63

Michael and Nicole raced back to the club only to find it closing for the night. Hurrying up to the front door, Michael tried to slip inside. 830 more words