The Train: Episode 63

Michael and Nicole raced back to the club only to find it closing for the night. Hurrying up to the front door, Michael tried to slip inside. 830 more words


Gentleman Day (13 Photos)

How will you start the week without some well dressed men to motivate you? #GentlemanDay

Combi āœŒšŸ»ļø

A photo posted by Dennis Valenzuela Santos (@dennis_dlpn) on Jul 20, 2016 at 5:19am PDT…

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Movie Review: Men in Suits

Men in Suits
Directed by Frank H. Woodward
Starring Doug Jones, Brian Steele, Tom Woodruff Jr., Douglas Tait, Haruo Nakajima, Bob Burns, Misty Rosas, Camden Toy, Bobby Clark, Van Snowden, Alec Gillis, Michelan Sisti, Arturo Gil… 992 more words

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Copy Cats

The Copy Cats collage was made with magazine scraps, a bit of watercolor and Photoshop alteration.

TheĀ headless suitsĀ are also collaged with magazine scrapsĀ and then IĀ changed the colors in Photoshop.



Why Women Like Men In Suits!

Thereā€™s something about men in well-fitted, tailored suits, that women truly appreciate. I tried to reason out why we find them so handsome in that nine pin or slim fit outfit of theirs; see if you agree with me! 199 more words