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Fact: Men Spend More Time And Money Shopping Than Women

Ladies everywhere, rejoice! No longer can you man tell you that you spend too much time and money on shopping. There’s a new survey that proves that men are the guilty ones! 197 more words


Lessons from the world of Retail

I have recently started working in the money spending world of retail. As I am not a big shopper (living from a suitcase will do that to you) and am filled with dread if a friend suggests meeting in any town or city on a Saturday afternoon and going shopping it may seem like an unlikely choice. 393 more words


Men and their meat (made you look)

It’s a Protein Palooza when Carl goes to the store. Y’all don’t go feeling sorry for him I feed him well, but I do try to mix in a little green now and then. 720 more words

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