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Donald Trump: Not guilty of rape by reason of polling better than Jeb Bush?

People in glass Trump Towers shouldn’t throw stones — or, perhaps, throw around accusations of rape, as one Donald Trump did recently in his now infamous remarks suggesting that Mexican immigrants are a bunch of rapists. 689 more words

Men Who Should Not Ever Be With Women Ever

Angry misogynist murders women at showing of film by feminist comedian; police worry "we may not find a motive.”

Police in Lafayette, Louisiana are evidently struggling to understand why the outspokenly misogynistic, racist and anti-Semitic John Russell “Rusty” Houser murdered two women and wounded 9 other moviegoers at a showing of “Trainwreck,” a film written by and starring Amy Schumer, a feminist comedian with a Jewish father, known for joking frankly about sex. 584 more words


Repellant pickup artist Roosh V is giving a talk in New York tomorrow. Here's what to expect.

Roosh Valizadeh — the racist, woman-hating, fat-shaming pickup artist and rape legalization proponent — is trying to reinvent himself as a philosopher of sorts, a man with unique insights into the perils of masculinity in “a degenerate world.” He seems undaunted by the fact that his unique insights are neither unique nor, well, insights; he’s little more than a regurgitator of a lot of old, bad ideas, and a not-very-competent regurgitator at that. 547 more words


"Did you know that there is no proof that punishing rape is actually beneficial for a society?" 4Channer asks

It’s amazing just how quickly a visit to 4chan’s /pol/ board can strip you of any lingering faith in humanity.

Consider the following 4chan “infographic” … 463 more words