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MRA huckster Paul Elam is asking for donations so he can charge dudes money to talk to him

More signs of desperation over at A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights/Lady Disparagement site that has apparently ceased to be the cash cow for its founder, the unlovely and untalented Paul Elam, that it once was: 659 more words


New "service" for angry men! Mental health non-professional Paul Elam will listen to you on Skype for $90 an hour

Never let it be said that the Men’s Rights movement does nothing to help men. Earlier this week, A Voice for Men’s CEO Paul Elam… 822 more words


MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

Over on A Voice for Men, a Man Going His Own Way named Frank Worley has unveiled a most immodest proposal: turning Puerto Rico, or at least a giant chunk of it, into a MGTOW nation. 885 more words


Vox Day: Military history proves that those who "tolerate effeminacy" will lose to those who murder gays

Vox Day, the not-quite-Nazi fantasy author and generally repellant human being, is evidently upset that some people would like trans folks to be allowed to serve openly in the military. 354 more words


"We're a group of volunteers dedicated to a cause, and the cause is Paul Elam." -- Dean Esmay of A Voice for Men

I sometimes refer to A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights hate site that has evolved into something of a hate group, as a cult. Up until now I’ve only done so half-seriously; while there are a lot of things about AVFM that are cultish, from the apocalyptic rhetoric to the constant demands for money to the organized harassment of its critics, it seems to lack some of the central elements of a real cult. 344 more words


We Harnessed the Male Utility to Feed You

Even though I run a blog with the deliberately ironic title “We Hunted the Mammoth,” I’m still regularly amazed by how eager men who’ve accomplished nothing of value in their entire lives are to claim a kind of vicarious credit, by virtue of being men, for everything good that we humans have accomplished here on planet earth. 433 more words


A Voice for Men triumphantly cancels its conference; supporters declare victory

Say it ain’t so, Paul! A Voice for Men’s second “International Conference on Men’s Issues” has been … cancelled!

No one could have seen that coming, huh? 656 more words