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MGTOW debate: Are older women spoiled milk, or gonorrhea-stained used cars?

So the fellas over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit are having a little debate, of sorts. What unappealing inanimate object is the best metaphor for women over the dreaded age of 30? 317 more words


White dude tells black trans queer woman she's a "disgusting racist sexist bigot who has every advantage in life over me"

I don’t really intend to write about former A Voice for Men number two Dean Esmay as often as I do. But every time I so much as glance at his Twitter timeline, I find something so noxious and ridiculous it makes my head hurt. 1,040 more words


The 10 Most Ridiculous Responses to the #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag

The #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag took off yesterday after a Buzzfeed article highlighted a bunch of products being marketed to men with some of the most cartoonish evocations of old-school masculinity you could possibly imagine, from grenade-shaped shower puffs for men to Man Chocolate. 1,233 more words


Reddit MRA: If we let feminism "win," they'll throw all men in prison and use them for breeding. Then Muslims will take over.

I learn a lot from reading the Men’s Rights subreddit. For example, I learned today that feminism can’t win, because it’s impossible, but that if it… 110 more words


Hey Ladies! Is this pathetic poster A Voice for Men's response to threats against Toronto feminists? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: This poster (apparently) isn’t an official AVFM poster, but they have endorsed it. See bottom of post for details.

Is the appearance of this poster at a Toronto train station an example of inadvertently terrible timing, or an act of astounding assholery? 250 more words


Read legal etchings before you knead kegel stretchings: MRAs fight false accusations with baffling new condom-wrapper taglines

So Men’s Rights creeper Sage Gerard (aka Victor Zen) has decided to fight against the alleged epidemic of false rape accusations by giving out and/or selling condoms with really stupid slogans on them. 78 more words