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Daily Tonality: Song of the Day 01/15/2018

January 15, 2018

Today’s Daily Tonality is brought to you by the radio at work. I heard this song and thought it was perfect for song of the day. 132 more words


Remember Yesterday?

Remember yesterday when I asked what band I was and showed these four pictures?

Here’s the answer:

Yeah, I know. This was awful.

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Guest Post by Aleksander Andrews | Gjest m/post Aleksander Andrews


Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind… 772 more words

"Writer in the Dark"

How had I not heard of Lorde before today? Well, I suppose I can thank Anonymous for pointing me in the right direction and sharing this video. 184 more words

Just Give Me New Wave (That's What I Want)

New wave is an elusive musical term. As with many genres, it applies to clothing, hair and makeup as much as it does to a cohesive musical style. 390 more words


Making the Repetitive Look Good

The longer you search for a good quote to start a post the longer you find yourself reading other people’s words to sum up your own feelings, much like cat memes never say what you would have said, just what someone else said put to a picture of a cat.

708 more words
Scrawlings Of A Mad Man

Retro Futura Comes to the State Theatre

On Wednesday, it was time to trip through the attic looking for boxes filled with neon. After collecting the stash, I pushed down my leg warmers, put that scrunchy up on the side, put in a couple of cubes of watermelon Bubblicious, and went out with my He-man wearing a plastic belt and giant hoop earrings. 663 more words