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The Safety Dance

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance:


Daily Tonality: Song of the Day 01/15/2018

January 15, 2018

Today’s Daily Tonality is brought to you by the radio at work. I heard this song and thought it was perfect for song of the day. 132 more words


Remember Yesterday?

Remember yesterday when I asked what band I was and showed these four pictures?

Here’s the answer:

Yeah, I know. This was awful.

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Guest Post by Aleksander Andrews | Gjest m/post Aleksander Andrews


Ah we can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind… 772 more words

"Writer in the Dark"

How had I not heard of Lorde before today? Well, I suppose I can thank Anonymous for pointing me in the right direction and sharing this video. 184 more words

Just Give Me New Wave (That's What I Want)

New wave is an elusive musical term. As with many genres, it applies to clothing, hair and makeup as much as it does to a cohesive musical style. 390 more words