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Putting It All Together: Evangelicals, Gays, Blacks, & GMOs

We need each other in order to reach an understanding of viewpoints that differ from our own. Why should we bother to do this? Because no one person or group is right all of the time, and it is a natural human tendency to tend toward arrogance, self-righteousness, prejudice, and the demonizing of those with whom we disagree. 1,572 more words


The One? Puh-lease.

Blame your choices.

I am sick and tired of hearing this. Yes, I know, if my dad was an alcoholic, then in a party I will make a beeline to the one with a similar problem, be it gambling or drugs. 913 more words

Stop babying him

When in love we tend to interpret the other, based on what we know, and the desire to see goodness, intoxicates our senses to the point of neglecting alarming signs. 187 more words

It kills me to say this...

It kills me to say this, but Amanda Marcotte, bless her shallow and vain little heart, almost got two things right. I guess even a broken watch can be right twice a day. 645 more words

Dating Diary: in which we get an incredible email regarding why men suck at online dating

So, as we all know- my email box is like the magic garden or something where you open it and invitations or free stuff jumps out. 576 more words