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Do people really change?

“Once a cheater, always a cheater.” True words?

In my personal experience I would have had to say yes. My ex was the king of lies and deceit and never told the truth when caught red-handed in the cookie jar.   996 more words


Gender Difference; the Next Target

Here is an interesting article on transgender issues. The LGBT lobby have gone for Genesis 2 and conquered, same-sex marriage is now accepted in our society. 357 more words


When the walls go up, shouldn't the pants come down?

It’s been forever since I had any time or privacy to write. Two children and a husband who works constantly will do that to you. I haven’t even had the privacy to pee for the past five years. 721 more words


Representation of Men and Women in a Mainstream Magazine - Written 2008

Representation of Men and Women in a Mainstream Magazine, and How the Magazine Perpetuates Binary Opposite Gender Roles and Stereotypes.

This study will examine the representation of women and men in a mainstream magazines. 1,676 more words


Most European Men are Descended from just Three Bronze Age Warlords, New Study Reveals

by Mark Miller.

The majority of European men are descended from just a handful of Bronze Age male ancestors, says a new genetic study in the journal… 66 more words

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