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Living your best life

In living a purposeful life, the first step is accepting full responsibility for your life.

Until you accept responsibility for your life nothing changes.

Life is full of bends,twists and turns. 120 more words


A Ministry For Women.

For many years the Anglican Church has had debates about whether or not women should hold the position of “bishop”. And the first lady bishop, Libby Lane, was consecrated in January 2015. 1,104 more words


Why contraception is misogynistic (and gay)

One of the biggest falsehoods of the dominant cultural narrative of our time is the idea that traditional, time-tested sexual morality is intrinsically and irredeemably misogynistic, and that the liberal remedy of meaningless promiscuous sex – given a dangerous, false sense of sterility by carcinogenic… 1,732 more words


Her Man...

Nina Abebi Ola was saying this to herself as she’s thinking ‘Whatever way he looked he’s her man; hers alone, no one on earth will share this man with her, he is her own ALFRED HITCHCOCK, he belongs to her alone!’ 1,878 more words


Consent: necessary, but not sufficient

I was reading an article about the recent Air China scandal, and stumbled across another article on the same website, telling the story of Shelby Neuens, a  1,446 more words

Moral Decline

Dating Mr Toll Booth

So one day, I was going along my merry way to work.  Of course I was running late, and the traffic was on .

So I’m doing the usual, listening to… 301 more words

Dating While Nigerian

Why Are Men Still Boys?

Worth having a look at this to ponder upon the issue of delayed manhood.

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