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Death, Taxes & Dating

It’s been said that the only two things in which we can depend are death and taxes. The two things in which I can depend  lately are taxes, and dating. 151 more words

April 2015


This world is in need of femininity. Angry women, those who shouts at husbands, yells at kids, frequently horns, uses nasty language and makes crude signs, dominates conversation, clink glasses as they cheer on their favorite footballers, nowadays they are under every pillow and lurks at every corner of the earth. 85 more words


When complimenting women

I’ve been in a number of situations where various men, who I prefer to believe were clueless as opposed to ill-intentioned, complimented women in a way that obviously caused them to feel awkward and uncomfortable. 1,168 more words

Common Sense

मैंने इसमें गलत क्या कहां ??

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मैंने इसमें गलत क्या कहां??
कि औरतें कभी retire नही होती,
ना जाने क्यों बस वही,
जीवन के हर पड़ाव में अपने हर कर्म करके ही,
फिर चैन से सोती।

मैंने इसमें गलत क्या कहां ??
कि लड़की का जीवन समझौतों से भरा है.
ज़रा झांक के तो देख,
उसके जज़्बातों की चोट का ज़ख़्म आज भी हरा है।

मैंने इसमें गलत क्या कहां ??
कि आदमी बन जाए अपनी जीवन संगनी
के हर दुःख-सुख का साथी।
करे हर कर्म दोनों ऐसे
जैसे हो दिया और बाती।

Prerna Mehrotra


An Intimate Interlude

An Ode to the Night Bus

I stand at the bus stop late at night,
And dream of my bed so far from sight.
I wait all alone, no girl in tow, 277 more words

Casual Hook Ups