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Americans work harder than any other country's citizens: study

Start up the grill. Get the burgers and chicken going. And start imbibing. You deserve it, according to a new work study. “We’re hard workers. We deserve the day off,” says Liz Bagot… 12 more words


A Woman's Ambition

It has been said that “a woman who wants to be equal with a man is not ambitious enough.” There are two ways (perhaps more) of construing that statement. 249 more words

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Of Men & Women: He does not love you if he does not respect you…!

Its not easy to be a woman. I was again reminded of this, when I suddenly met Mahrukh. She was a year senior to me in school and was a heart throb: sharp defined features, best debater, topper in the class, darling of all teachers and inspiring a mix of envy and jealousy from other students. 1,294 more words


Man of God

At our recent “Men’s Breakfast”at Feltham Evangelical Church we thought about what it was to be a man of God. We focused on the following issues: 350 more words

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Tube Announcements

Transport for London (TfL) yesterday announced that the announcements on the Underground will no longer be of the “Ladies and Gentlemen” form, but rather of the”everyone” form. 216 more words

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My weekend with Mr X

Pinning Mr X down for a weekend is difficult in fact, I think this is the second weekend sleepover we’ve had since we’ve known each other (18 months). 2,009 more words

The Bumpy Road...

As many of you would expect, starting something, even if it’s just a daily habit, can be a drag. I guess i did just wake up one day and decided to start a clothing brand. 352 more words