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Adapt or Perish!

Those who fail to adapt;

Go ‘Extinct.

She’s not coming back

Get used to it

Adapt to such new reality

Try surviving in that new territory… 11 more words


Another Love in the Wings

Her birthday is tomorrow.

She will be thirty-nine, he says to me.

How could we have daughters almost the exact same age?

Traveling the surface of the earth in realms unknown to us then… 70 more words


  Another woman prayed so hard

To have you in her life

But not me


Another man loves me so much

To the point of pain… 61 more words


Being Woman

Every morning, I wake up and go for a run. When I am running, people notice neither my front, nor my back. It’s rather hard to imagine someone would even do that. 500 more words

Non Fiction

How Manly Are You?!

I saw this lady years ago during me recovering from a fatal accident (Will Talk About That One day), & kept asking myself since I saw her, how many men from all cultures & religions can tolerate, be considerate, loving, supporting, compassionate & show empathy towards their wives if something similar had happened to them?! 119 more words

Men & Women


Do you ever wonder or ask yourself,

Or had it ever occurred to you

To question


Why he fears to let you lead

To at the head of any table… 130 more words