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Dating at Work.

Office relations, is it good or bad? I know some like to think that they will find their soul mate in numerous places such as church, the grocery store, the gym or even work. 587 more words


God and Dating

Starting a new relationship is always an adventure. As a man we have to go through so many obstacles to achieve a first date. Even as we get the pleasure of the date we still have to show her more and pay(thats always important,lol). 287 more words

Its' how they've been trained.

So if you have read over any of my previous blog posts you know that not that long ago I left the church I was attending over how they were changing the meaning of scripture to accommodate modern culture, and that despite my leaving, my wife decided she would still be attending, against my wishes, of course. 526 more words

The Problem with Women

I have had the opposite problem of most women. While I had many female friends over the years who always seemed to pick at every little detail in the mirror, I like myself. 808 more words


Fathers take care of your children

Some long to spend just a little time with their children any chance given, some don’t even bother to give time to be with them. As simple as a phone call to child to find out they are ok means a whole lot to a child. 471 more words



MOORE COUNTY NEWS: Former Moore County Correctional Officer Arrested.

Special TBI Agents were called in to bring 29 year old, Shane Hopkins into custody on Friday June 23rd.

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red flags

When you first start talking to/dating someone new, it’s a very exciting time. It’s all rainbows and unicorns in your head because you can’t believe how handsome (or beautiful), funny and smart they are. 774 more words