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How to change bad health habits

Changing bad health habits comes about in the same way that changing any habit does. Habits form when our bodies begin to expect certain responses to certain actions – it is not a conscious response, rather your body has become so used to it that it begins to perform certain actions or expect certain things without you ever realising. 360 more words


Are men and women really that different?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Men and women are complete opposites and I shouldn’t waste my time typing this up. It’s common knowledge, right? 420 more words


Does Your Guy Measure Up?

A British study attempted to answer the elusive question that all guys – and many girls, for that matter – have wondered their whole lives: what is a “normal” penis size? 298 more words


A Trudge to Remember

The plans have become more elaborate, the expectations greater.  If we can hike 15 miles in a day, why could we not hike 20 miles in two days?   1,643 more words


Wise Word Wednesday 

I started a new job recently where I stepped far outside my comfort zone. Yesterday was a bad day. Some of the people I work with are not friendly (you know the kind) and the others do Not suffer fools (or newbies) lightly. 59 more words

Hump Day: Sean O'Pry

Happy Hump Day!

Congratulations, you’ve made it half way through the week!
Here at the blog, we like to celebrate Wednesdays by objectifying an attractive male. 49 more words

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