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I couldn’t be happier in my new work assignment. You have court in a few days darling and while I wish I could attend, I wouldn’t want to rock my new employment boat. 117 more words


He has a small... chance of being the one

Someone can warn you, and you can warn yourself, of the troubles that are going to come. If your heart is convinced that you can handle the pain you’re expecting, don’t believe it. 417 more words


later that day

I’ve just come from the laundromat. I debated whether to do yours honestly
and finally after about 45 seconds of staring absently at your
laundry bags I decided to do them, as eventually they would have to… 230 more words



Today I had the appointment with the attorney at 9am. I called at 8:30am of course to cancel, you know I do not care for morning engagements. 135 more words



Two interviews today. On the way to the first one I had a ball of anxiety in my belly as I usually do. I hate driving illegally, it is so stressful and it adds to the overall sense of uneasiness an interview already brings me. 155 more words