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Men's Brain vs. Women's Brain

Sometimes on a Monday you just need a good laugh!


~ Longing ~

Doth these depths
So greatly churn
As thy words swiftly burn
And yonder yet vaguely felt
Within your arms freely melt
It’s cohesive quality sinks right in… 82 more words

Bipolar Disorder


Boys minds grow
With wild exuberance
As their eyes lay their claim
On stretched out backs
The women they shall never tame
For men are the domesticated… 48 more words


How to be unique without breaking the bank

A tie that is sure to make an impression for years to come, the Hex Tie is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 40 more words


25 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8

What is my favorite item of clothing?

I can’t write this post without touching on the subject of shopping. Incidentally, I’ve just returned home from a shopping spree. 339 more words