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God is for Girls

God is for girls. Isn’t it obvious?

I mean, it’s cool if you believe in God. But please don’t let get too wrapped up in the whole idea…because we know where that leads. 907 more words

1 - 2 -3... IGNITE!

What better event to launch the use of our new Syracuse Deacons Community @deaconspeaking Twitter Team account than to share our diocesan Catholic Men’s Conference, IGNITE!   119 more words


Dick Pics part II 

Has a dick pic ever worked? Like someone’s like wow, how romantic. *swoon*Thanks for that wonderful picture of your wiener next to a febreze can. … 92 more words

A Slippery Slope

     There is a segment of our population that tends to be more obtuse than the rest. They tend to ignore things that are obvious, don’t take hints very well, and are often oblivious to what is going on until it’s too late or no longer matters. 611 more words


The World of Online Dating... Round 2!

Aaaaaaand welcome back to round two of the disaster that is my life… I mean my “love” life (every time quotation marks are used please know that you must read it the way Dr. 718 more words

Male office worker's voice drops three octaves when talking to a tradie

As part of a covert private investigation, an office worker’s voice has been measured at a full three octaves lower than its normal range during a recent conversation with a tradie. 190 more words


Me Woman.....You Man...

I am starting yet another category within my blog. I often find myself pondering a thought or question here or there that might only generate a few sentences or a paragraph or two and yet it is something I would still like to say.  727 more words