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Why can't I do what I want?

Far from sounding like a whining child, perhaps the title of this article should be ‘why can’t I do as my male friends do.’

As a female growing up in the busy metropolis of London, from a young age I was ever aware of the limits that being a female awarded me. 376 more words


Vogue Empower the long walk ahead

Most of us have seen it and are either for it or dead against it. Then again a few others who haven’t seen it but just want to be against it because they are a “class of goats” who follow anything the leader in the front states, blindly. 597 more words


Date Lab: carousel rider goes on date with beta male

This date features a fun times girl with a clueless beta who brings flowers.

Quote:Becca: He brought flowers, which was nice. To me that was a little weird.

372 more words

Vanishing Acts

So all recent hopes of marriage have been quashed. The CV Guy actually turned out to be Harry Houdini! We exchanged a few text messages, which can only be described as polite, and this eventually led to swapping pictures. 428 more words




Because we fret and we worry about being virtually perfect for our men, here are a few things you might not know men don’t really care about: 1,702 more words

Writting & Blogging

Sexualized women and 'idiot' men: How to fight stereotyping

In the 1950s, North America’s key gender message was encapsulated in the TV sitcom, I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball was portrayed as a ditzy, lovable housewife, married to an amusingly macho husband, Desi Arnaz. 1,326 more words