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Beauty is relative.

Graphic designers from 18 different countries took this photo of a woman and photo-shopped it so that she represents the “perfect woman” in their respective country.  123 more words


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Beauty is in deed relative and who should it concern or not concern. Beauty is relative to an individual and should be looked at positively as we are all beautiful. If a negative view is held, why mention it, as this will most likely place a negative view with the individual, which is not beneficial to anyone.

The Power of Intimacy...

If you close your eyes right now, can you feel his or her touch? Can you smell the perfume or cologne? Can you see their face and quite possibly taste them? 523 more words

Men Are Not More Emotionally Stable Than Women

You know one gender stereotype I can’t stand? It’s that men are more stable than women. It’s everywhere. Every undesirable quirk we have is seen as an irrevocable sign of craziness. 1,435 more words

I will never understand men as long as I live. – Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee

Book Quotes

A Scorned Man

When a man is scorned it takes time to mend that wound, no matter the cause.
He may act as if nothing bothers him due to the perception of being weak as a man isn’t perceived well in the world. 102 more words


Strange men

Strange men smile at me
in a language I do yet not know
how to speak.

I was taught to lower my gaze,
why weren’t they taught not to stare. 66 more words