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Loving a Primary Person

I fell in love in my 38th year with a man who was born on the 8th day of the 8th month.  It was on a fourth week of the first month of that year that I recognized that serious but suave individual who stood over six feet tall and who took my heart by surprise. 355 more words



What is so selfish about wanting to be left alone? To want to have some space?

Because it is agonizing for the other person. Selflessness dictates the other should bear it and give what was asked while she suffers and braves the pain. 175 more words


Consumers make the fashion trends

Fashion shows the outer shell of our lives – the one that is visible. The term fashion includes the clothes, that we wear; the dances that we dance, etc. 350 more words


Some form of happy

I’ve been planning my next few posts for weeks now, but you know what I’ve discovered? Writing stories about my dating life is not only harder when you aren’t going on any dates, but even harder still when you’re in a good place. 25 more words

Dating In The Big City

I photographed male strippers

Over the weekend I photographed a woman’s night for HiM Promotions, a night where men strip almost full nude in front of hoards of cheering women and it was awesome! 90 more words


Gotta Hear Both Sides...

An argument between couples usually ends with someone (most often the female) storming off and slamming the door. Here it consists of screaming at one another for hours until neither one of them have the energy to leave and eventually end up staying the night together. 499 more words