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The universe curses me when it comes to men. Somehow it keeps sending me shitty guys who have serious emotional issues, serious mental issues (I once dated someone who told me he thought he was a psychopath–that relationship was cut short), or guys who just want to put it In me for 45 seconds and go to sleep. 1,232 more words

the brightest stars, already dead.

Am I to be burned as a witch?
the conflagration rises
burning my squinted eyes
flaming orbs obscure the truth
burning my squinted eyes
flaming eyes obscure the truth… 180 more words

No part

Feminists everywhere concerned as man rejects women’s movement.

Another Moscow Mule Coming Up

Many months ago I went on a coffee date with a guy from OkCupid, I will call Slick.  Slick showed up exactly like all of his pictures – which was a pleasant surprise!  702 more words


“The Good Men Project” and Calls for Full Inclusion (Or, "Women" and "Men," Part II) - Website Review Series #3

I have been following The Good Men Project for at least a few years now and find myself regularly impressed with insightful, thoughtful articles. Indeed, the majority of these articles are perfect examples of how… 800 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

How to Outwit Your Frenemy

We all have that ‘friend’–we hate them like they’re herpes, they aren’t so fond of us even though we’re beautiful lionesses–and yet we still feel the need to maintain a fake friendship. 767 more words

My General Dysfunction/If We're Being Honest