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NYT Presents My Childhood Pets

The New York Times asked some of its favorite illustrators to draw their childhood pets from memory — and the results are beautiful! (NYT)

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March, 2015 - Menagerie

Suite of Poetry by Anna Jacobson

Anna Jacobson is a Brisbane poet, writer and artist currently in her third year of Creative and Professional Writing at QUT… 183 more words


The Tower of London Used to be Home to a Polar Bear

The first record of wild animals at the Tower of London was in 1210 during the reign of King John. The monarch would receive the animals as gifts from other powerful rulers at the time, often to impress others or to show the wealth and strength of the ruler. 398 more words


Garrison Upgrade

On Friday, Saoire made her way to Spires of Arak, and since she’s a dwarf, she naturally chose the brewery as her building of choice. Not so coincidentally, this building gives you Hulda Shadowblade. 332 more words


Erris the Collector: Enbi'see, Mal and Bones

To defeat Enbi’see (Flying, uncommon), Mal (Flying, uncommon) and Bones (Undead,rare) I used the following team:

Arcane Eye (Psychic blast, Mana surge)

Begin with mana surge then use other spells until mana surge is available again. 39 more words

World Of Warcraft

Menageries 4: Knowsley and the mad botanicals

More on menageries….real and imaginary. The early 19thc saw a shift from menageries as showcases for curiosities to the beginnings of the zoological garden as a base for science. 1,605 more words

Squidwick the Caterpillar

Harry found him, Oliver named him, and Finn drew him.
He was a Hornworm caterpillar. We made a home for him, we watched him change into a chrysalis. 35 more words