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Slinging it

Right at its snaky tail-end, 2016 tripped me up. I skidded on a patch of ice, fell heavily, broke the bone linking my arm and shoulder. 276 more words

Princess &..

Causes of hate

I have a great aversion against beards. This may sound silly but it is not. I cannot avoid seeing people with beards, but also with tattoes and piercings as exhibitionst. 386 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

Altruism vs egoism

Imagine a child that damages something and its mum is angry. It is natural to effuse anger, but what is the point? If the child loves parents and does not want to do any damage, does not want to make them angry and crashes sometimes someting unintentionally, it should be shown love and not scorn and reproach. 223 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

What is knowledge good for?

 I recall three movies from social sphere I saw: Intouchables, Me before you, Inside I am dancing. In these three movies there were asistants that were intentionally chosen not from the social sphere, not those with education but such that had a human and sensitive approach. 195 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

Post Xmas Stuffed

Oh dearie me!
I’m full to bursting
With Xmas pud
This is not good.

Too wide of girth
I’m much too great
Too big for the pot… 77 more words


Powerful and powerless

I have a christian friend who is very much religious and hold the belief that his wife should be subdued to the husband according to old testament. 530 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life