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Every time a blog is published, an angel gets his wings… no, that can’t be right. I know what you are thinking, another blog, meh. What does she have to offer? 142 more words


& Review: Menagerie by Rachel Vincent

The Book Itself: Rather plain, but I think it suggests the sometimes dark, mysterious side of circuses, with the dark background with pinpricks of light and the simplistic, somewhat tarnished title. 748 more words

& Reviews

"Welcome to the zoo. Your entrance fee is one dog."

The Tower Menagerie in London let visitors pay their entrance by handing over a cat or a dog.

Gimme the gist

Back in the day, traditional zoos as we know them today didn’t exist. 287 more words


Menagerie Progress and Color Scheme Pt. 2

This week my focus was on creating the initial model for the sunglasses and color scheme for my project. I used the inspiration from 1970’s styled frames to select the basic shape I wanted to work with. 273 more words


Menagerie Progress and Research Pt. 1

My idea has evolved as a result of the creative input I received, evolving from technology that I use in my everyday life to more wearable objects instead, to pay a stronger homage to my source of inspiration in Jeffrey Campbell’s… 225 more words


Threatening to evict

Any regular reader of the bloggy will know that the Chez is home to many an eight-legged visitor. Generally they make okay tenants of windows and ceiling corners, because they obey Ol’Untucked’s rules. 216 more words


Project #1: Menagerie

While playing around with the idea of juxtaposition of the human body and animal bodies inside of my sketchbook, I came across the revelation that humans have been doing this for years. 181 more words