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My Minecraft Skin Timeline

Hey, guys! I’m back for another post, this one about my menagerie of Minecraft skins that I’ve created – which has been a little varied, to say the least. 155 more words


Gassed cats

Cats that have been gassed to see what music they shuffle on their ipads.

A scientific study has found cats prefer Classical to Pop music. They don’t like Rock or Heavy Metal . 51 more words




A collection of wild animals on exhibition.

Joel started building the menagerie in their house seven years ago.


Meeting the Menagerie

Saturday night – time to reflect on the day’s pet acquisitions and relax a little. I leveled a few pets here and there today. Managed to find some elusive rare pets that have been more stubborn than others in Draenor. 254 more words


House chickens

Even though I’m now used to it, I still find it charming to have a menagerie of animals roaming free in and around the house.  Slightly less charming when the family’s full-grown cow, ‘Tuna’, tried to gatecrash my shower the other morning (albeit it located outside, amongst the banana trees).   150 more words


Spook meets Montie

When I married Brett, I kind of knew we would end up with a menagerie. I started it by insisting we get a dog when we had a suitable house, and Brett has just brought home the newest edition to the family – Montie the python (ugh…). 735 more words

NYT Presents My Childhood Pets

The New York Times asked some of its favorite illustrators to draw their childhood pets from memory — and the results are beautiful! (NYT)

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