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Day 101. "Menagerie" by Bill Withers

“Menagerie” by Bill Withers

We were driving to Spruce Lake. Three of us- Mom, Sister and I. Driving up to the Pocono mountains was one of my favorites. 161 more words

Anywhere, Massachusetts

If you were deported, or less harshly, voluntarily expatriated,  what would you need to feel at home in your new place?  Would you embrace the differences or create the same kind of home anywhere? 1,188 more words

The Pea Spot

P is for Pam-boo the Panda #AtoZchallenge

Okay, so here’s Pam-boo. He’s the only panda bear in my menagerie, and is generally quiet and sweet… 56 more words

A To Z Challenge

Come on Bazza!

Around Umber at certain times of year are a type of parrot who – no doubt due to their large size and general noise – don’t feel the need to stick as closely together as most avians. 71 more words


Day of the giant insects

Sometimes life in Umber is strangely thematic. For example, the other day I was walking through the grasslands when I saw what looked very much like the leg of a gigantic metal spider. 125 more words


Telling stories that matter in Art and Business

Two events in St Petersburg this week really got me thinking about how we tell our stories – or rather – how we engage.

My ‘main job’ as a theatre director is in many ways about creating and telling stories. 801 more words