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Migratory birds: inbound

It is possible, I’ve discovered, to make new friends in a place you’ve denounced as a ghost town, a monument to everyone who’s left. It’s possible to explore and get a change of scene with no more effort than it takes to distinguish the  586 more words

The Pea Spot

Washing the Lions

Today at the Tower of London it is the annual ceremony of the Washing of the Lions. All tourists welcome! The noble beasts are to be released into the moat, where their keepers will take up brush and water and perform the dangerous yet dignified ritual of the annual scrubbing of the Kings of Beasts. 173 more words

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Menagerie...another way to neo british jazz scene!

Ένας από τους μουσικούς δημιουργούς που κυριολεκτικά έχει οργώσει το νότιο ημισφαίριο είναι ο πολύς Lance Ferguson. Ως η κινητήριος δύναμη πίσω από τους The Bamboos, Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Lanu και τη σειρά Black Feeling, έχει δημιουργήσει ποικιλόμορφα και πολύπλευρα projects oπάνω στα οποία και έχει κτίσει μία αξιόλογη φήμη. 22 more words

νέο άκουσμα


Menagerie brings to mind the startled,  noisy flight of a colorful flock of birds. Feathers of greens, reds, and gold trailing behind as they dart into the jungle trees. 241 more words


An Elephant Never Forgets

The adage that an elephant never forgets seems very appropriate given the following accounts.

The scientific elephant now displays his sagacity and the uncommon improvement of his natural powers, at Pidcock’s Grand Menageries, Exeter ‘Change, Strand, where, at the desire of the company and command of the keeper, he exhibits a perfect knowledge of the value of different pieces of money; tells with the greatest precision the hour and minutes of the day, when shown a watch by any of the spectators; locks and unlocks doors, takes off and puts on any lady’s or gentleman’s bonnet or hat, that he may be requested of him, with a great and pleasing variety of other performances.

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Animals Of The Georgian Era