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Can you feel the storm coming?
Can you hear the warm rumbling?
My heart and bones presage a stumbling
Of Dyeus from his temple humming… 44 more words

A bushel of birds

I think the local parrot flock might have sacked its look-out-bird. It did seem a little distracted the day Ol’Untucked almost got a face full of feathers… 175 more words


Put another shrimp on the... lawn?

It boggles the mind that you can live your whole life in the company of small friends and never know the coolest thing about them… enter the slater (pill bug, roly-poly… they have a lot of names). 203 more words


Go see "The Glass Menagerie" at Freefall Theater while staying in short term housing in Tampa

Go see “The Glass Menagerie” at the Freefall Theater in St Petersburg while staying in short term housing in Tampa. You can see this show from February 2nd-25th. 90 more words

In the purslane forest

My backyard is 90% purslane at the moment. Ol’Untucked doesn’t really mind that because it makes it a bit cooler and easier on the feet, but I do sometimes worry about it encouraging pests. 188 more words


It worked! (My revenge is complete)

Ol’Untucked can report that the recipe for the oil and detergent spray worked on the scale babies that were killing my plant. It took about three days to see the result, but they’re all gone! 109 more words


2017 Highlights : MCR Fashion Industry Rethink Pink Event

Over the past couple months I have rarely been active on this blog and only now am I starting to write on a weekly basis. However alongside my journalism degree I have had the opportunity to write for Manchester based magazine VIVA which I am grateful for. 535 more words