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Filbert's Root Beer

Per usual, I took advantage of a trip out of town and went looking for some local soda brands. Chicago is home to several ( 458 more words


An Expensive Date Night

My husband and I have an exciting, no, an interesting, life. Most “date nights” consist of a trip to Menards (or Lowes, Home Depot, Fleet Farm, etc; you get the idea). 214 more words

BLOG - Boot Organization

Having in a small room means having a good organization system. After redecorating, I thought about a better system of storing my winter / fall boots over the summer in a tight space and on a budget. 456 more words


Home Depot, Menards Customers Cry False Advertising When They Learn "4x4s" Aren't Actually 4x4

Talk to any contractor or carpenter — or most people who are reasonably familiar with home construction and repair — and they’ll tell you that a “4×4” piece of lumber is not actually four inches by four inches, and that it hasn’t been that way in any of our lifetimes. 921 more words


A Look at Five More Antifreeze/Coolants

The results of the tests conducted on these samples are consistent with their labeled claims.

PQIA Quality Reports

Don't Shop Here? Why Not?

If you live in the Midwest, specifically (Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Indiana) you have probably heard or maybe even shopped at a Menards store. 823 more words


If you want nuts, come to Menards.

Yes, that’s a picture of a carrot that looks like a chicken foot. Because random. In an effort to embrace a more carefree, uplifting lifestyle, here’s something else that’s stupid. 17 more words