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Menashe presents engaging plot, fails to bring narrative full circle

A film like Menashe requires an open mind. The Hasidic Jewish lifestyle and faith has layers, which are attempted to be peeled back in this film. 780 more words


Menashe Movie Review

Single parenthood is never easy. It can be made especially harder when your own community is forcing you to re-marry.

In the new release, Menashe… 147 more words


A Schlemiel Becomes A Mensch

Experienced documentarian Joshua Z Weinstein’s first fiction film, “Menashe,” a universal story of profound paternal love, but set in the insular Borough Park, Brooklyn Hasidic community, fully succeeds in looking at this world with “an ethnographic, sociological lens,” and in merging the messiness of real life with fiction. 380 more words


Menashe (2017)

“Besides marriage and kids, what else is there?”

The intimate, delightful, and at times painfully tragic Menashe is a film that comes to you as a blindsiding surprise, welcoming and inviting us into its highly orthodox Jewish streets of Brooklyn with a universal story told through a particular worldview. 606 more words


CCFF: Menashe brings Yiddish back to the big screen

Menashe brings Yiddish back to the big screen for the first time in some 60-70 years.

Directed by Joshua Z Weinstein, this is his first narrative feature.  203 more words