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Loving the Rascals

When learning Torah, there are many characters of every flavor to meet.  Some of these characters awed me as I learned their strengths and uniqueness.  Some amused me with their idiosyncrasies.  553 more words

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Yaakov’s Brachos for His Offspring (Parshas Vayechi)

Yaakov first blessed two grandsons, Efrayim and Menashe. Friday nights, there is a long-established custom for fathers to bless their children.  Those who do so use the same Brachos/blessing that Yaakov used for Efrayim and Menashe. 1,699 more words

Jewish Thought

Menashe Kadishman – In Memoriam

Menashe Kadishman – In Memoriam

A sheepherder regardeth the life of his sheep. Even if o’ so white, each one and its life. In the flied, peaceful, grazing, being heard. 170 more words

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Parashas Matos-(Mas'ay) 5773

After describing (at length) the division of the spoils from the war against Midyan (Bamidbar 31:25-54), the Torah tells us of the request made by the Tribes of Gad and R’uvein, when they asked to receive the territory on the eastern side of the Jordan River as their “inheritance.” With no apparent reason to assume otherwise, the order and placement of these two narratives is likely based on when they actually occurred. 1,295 more words

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Vayichee - And He Lived

The week’s Torah reading, beginning on Sunday – Yom Rishon, which is the 10th of Teves, is Vayichee.  The 10th of Teves was the day the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar besieged and surrounded Jerusalem.  487 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Rabbi and Brother Plead Guilty to $220,000 Fraud

By Ryan Sit & Cadita Rousseau |

A Former Brooklyn jail-house chaplain and his brother pleaded guilty Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court to defrauding the federal housing program out of $220,000 by stealing 15 years of Section Eight benefits. 261 more words


Bnei Menashe -The Lost Tribe of Israel in Mizoram

My pre-travel research  told me that this is one group I must seek out and meet in Aizawl. All through the trip, in Aizawl, In Lunglei, in Thenzawl and in Sirchip, I’d seen numerous retail outlets with typical Jewish or Israeli names. 294 more words

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